New Documentary Footage Reveals Pence Reacting On The Night House Pushed For Him To Invoke 25th Amendment

New Documentary Footage Reveals Pence Reacting On The Night House Pushed For Him To Invoke 25th Amendment

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In a clip of the documentary from filmmaker Alex Holder, which was obtained by CNN, Pence reacts to an email he is shown by a member of his staff. The documentary says the then-vice president was shown a draft of the House resolution demanding that Pence invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from power.
But a Pence spokesman said that characterization was false. “In the documentary, Vice President Pence was reacting to a confirmation that his letter was sent to Speaker Pelosi rejecting her ploy to invoke 25th amendment,” the Pence spokesman said.

In the clip, Pence notes the time of the email, 7:48. That is the exact time that the White House press office sent out Pence’s letter that evening, according to a copy of the email that CNN received at the time.
News of the letter was reported not long afterward.

“Last week, I did not yield to pressure to exert power beyond my constitutional authority to determine the outcome of the election, and I will not now yield to efforts in the House of Representatives to play political games at a time so serious in the life of our nation,” Pence wrote in his letter.

Holder told CNN’s Don Lemon in an interview Thursday about the email Pence received: “I could see on the phone what it was.”

“We saw the email with the Speaker’s logo on it and my, the DOP, our director of photography, also saw it as well,” Holder said. “At the time, I knew there was something that had happened, then afterwards, we then confirmed it.”

CNN cannot independently confirm what was shown to Pence during the interview. The Pence letter from that evening had a Vice Presidential seal at the top. 

In the clip, after looking at the email, Pence tells his aide, “Yeah, excellent,” as he is handed the phone with the email. He then offers a pained smirk and asks the aide to “tell Zach to print me off a hard copy for the trip home.” Pence then collects himself for the rest of the interview.

The next clip shows Pence saying, “I am always hopeful about America,” juxtaposed against the backdrop of crews erecting security fencing around the Capitol building.

The footage of Pence’s interview, which has not been previously released, was captured less than a week after pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol in an effort to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s election win. Pence had to be evacuated to safety amid calls from rioters to “hang Mike Pence.”

The same evening that Pence was interviewed, the House passed the resolution calling for Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from power and deem him unfit for office. Only one Republican, Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, voted in favor of the resolution, which wa

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New documentary footage reveals Pence reacting on the night House pushed for him to invoke 25th Amendment

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