54% Of Readers Who Took This Week’s News Quiz Got Eight Or More Questions Right. How Will You Fare?

54% Of Readers Who Took This Week’s News Quiz Got Eight Or More Questions Right. How Will You Fare?

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By Alexandra Meeks and Ivory Sherman

According to a recent ranking, which is the world’s most expensive city? For the third year in a row, Hong Kong received the dubious title of “priciest city in the world,” according to an analysis this week by global mobility company ECA International. The company calculates the list based on several factors, including the average price of groceries, rent, utilities, public transit and the strength of the local currency.

The baby formula manufacturing plant at the center of the nationwide shortage recently restarted production of certain formulas. Why was the facility closed for several months? Abbott’s Michigan-based facility was shut down for months following an FDA inspection that found dangerous bacteria – which can be deadly to infants – in several areas of the plant.

Which golfer won the 2022 US Women’s Open? Minjee Lee won the US Women’s Open. It’s the second major win for the 26-year-old golf star.

According to a recent California ruling, which insect can legally be considered a fish and have the same protections? A California court has ruled bees can legally be considered fish under specific circumstances. The expansion of the definition of fish to include invertebrates makes bees eligible for greater protection from the Fish and Game Commission, wrote the court.

Which department store chain put itself up for sale this week? Kohl’s announced Monday it has entered into a negotiation period for a potential sale. Franchise Group, a holding company that owns a number of retail brands, has proposed to buy Kohl’s in a deal valued at around $8 billion.

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54% of readers who took this week’s news quiz got eight or more questions right. How will you fare?

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