These Are The 19 Best Makeup Bags Experts Swear By

These Are The 19 Best Makeup Bags Experts Swear By

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Real talk: A woman’s makeup bag says a lot about her. Is it tiny and compact? She’s probably a minimalist. Big and crazy-organized? She wants options but knows what she likes. Is it stuffed to the brim, overflowing with palettes? She really wants options. But finding the best makeup bag — whether it’s a travel case, a big clear one or something more chic — is a job for the experts.

“Working with different clients—or even when working with the same one — you always have to be prepared,” says makeup artist Erika La’Pearl, who works with clients like Cardi B and Ashanti. “No look is ever the same, and organization and flexibility is key. Having the right makeup bag makes it easier to find things, lessens the stress and sets up the day.”

La’Pearl says she keeps a minimum of two dozen products like primer, concealer, foundation, various palettes, as well as brushes and sponges, in her kit at all times. But even if you’re not a professional, your makeup bag might rival La’Pearl’s — and for that, it’s important to stay organized.

“I’m a bag lady and a beauty junkie, so it’s safe to say, I know some good makeup bags,” says Meeka Hossain, a beauty influencer who often travels for work. “I’m one of those people who stuffs their makeup bags into their tote bag and has multiple makeup bags for everything. One for travel, one for skin care, one for makeup, one for hair care and sometimes even one for miscellaneous items.”

Ahead, find the 19 makeup bags experts swear by — and exactly where to buy them.

All-around best makeup bags According to Kristen Fortier, makeup artist and product innovation lead for Crunchi Cosmetics, the best makeup bag will vary from person to person. “Look for one that provides plenty of room for your makeup and skin care products, is easy to travel with and is durable,” she says, noting that it should also be easy to clean. “I also recommend searching for a great quality bag that will last and help protect all of your products, brushes and accessories.”

Rownyeon Makeup Case $37.99 at Amazon “When it comes to organization, I like makeup cases that have sections to help keep my makeup and essentials separated and easier to find especially when you are working,” says La’Pearl. “Additionally, it even helps protect my makeup from being mixed.”

Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case XL $39.99 at Amazon “I tend to buy makeup bags that have built-in organization for easy access and a way to keep my bags neat and clean,” says makeup artist Latrice Johnson, who works with celebrities like Regina King and Sherri Shepherd. “This bag has adjustable compartments and slots to store your brushes, making it great for travel or everyday use.”

Crunchi Jetsetter Bag $54 at Crunchi “My go-to makeup bag is Crunchi’s Jetsetter bag,” Fortier says, which is “made with high-quality, lavish Saffiano faux leather and is great for storing both cosmetics and skin care products. It’s also designed with custom inner sleeves to perfectly store primers and foundation bottles and also has multiple functional compartments, as well as a zippered inside pocket.”

Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch $570 at Louis Vuitton “For almost 20 years I’ve used the same Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch,” says editorial makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci, who works with brands like Adidas and Coach, as well as titles like WWD and Tidal. For anyone calculating cost-per-use at home, that comes out to nearly eight cents a day. “There’s enough length and width in the base of the pouch for pencils and brushes, and enough depth to the dome to carry compacts or other must-haves. Its dome shape keeps the bag compact and makes it easy to slip into even smaller purses/bags.”

Madewell The Leather Makeup Pouch $39.50 at Madewell For a more budget-friendly option, Ciucci recommends this one from Madewell.

Rose Inc Structured Beauty Clutch $20 at Rose Inc “I love the shape of this one and the vegan leather just looks so chic,” says Hossain.

Sonia Kashuk Double-Zip Train Case Makeup Bag  $19.99 at Target A favorite of editors and influencers alike, this no-frills bag has two zippered compartments — one for bigger products and one for brushes and tools — plus another spot for miscellaneous items.

Leatherology Medium Train Case $135 at Leatherology This two-part case comes in three sizes, and reviewers rave that the medium is perfect for everyday use. It’s also monogrammable, if that’s your thing.

Best clear makeup bags A clear makeup bag is perfect for the person that’s always in a rush — or doesn’t want to lose track of anything they own.

Stephanie Johnson Miami Frost Lily Cosmetics Case $63 at Nordstrom “I also love clear cases so I can easily visualize what I packed,” says Hossain. “Also the bonus interior pack to hold my makeup brushes is super useful.”

Calpak Mini Clear Cosmetics Case $75 at Calpak This mini travel case has dozens of 5-star reviews for the way it easily tucks away entire skin care and hair care routines.

Auseibeely Clear Cosmetics Bag, Large $16.99 $15.99 at Amazon This translucent makeup bag gives you easy access to all your products — and more than 200 5-star reviews prove it’ll hold up over time.

Best travel makeup bags Even if you’re not always on the go, a travel makeup bag usually offers tons of compartments to keep things running smoothly.

Calpak Ambeur Vanity Case $105 at Calpak “This is the best travel makeup bag I’ve ever used,” says Hossain, who travels often for work. “I love that it’s a hard shell with a removable shoulder strap that can be put over your carry-on bag for easy traveling.”

Wellinsulated Beauty Bag $65 at Wellinsulated One of the best makeup organizers experts love, this insulated makeup bag fits the essentials while keeping them protected from changing temperatures, therefore extending the lifespan and integrity of your skin care and makeup.

Make Up For Ever Professional Bag $125 at Make Up For Ever “My favorite travel makeup bag is the Make Up For Ever Professional Bag,” says Johnson. “It’s my go-to even when packing for clients. It keeps all your makeup clean and organized, and it’s absolutely perfect for travel because it has several compartments to store brushes, skin care and accessories.”

Crunchi Day Trip Bag $38 at Crunchi “The Day Trip bag is the perfect size to also hold all your makeup brushes for easy on-the-go travel,” says Fortier.

Best makeup bag organizers Staying organized is half the battle. If you’re set on your bag but need a better system, these could help.

Sunee Multisize Plastic Zipper Pouches $17.85 at Amazon “When I travel I want the most lightweight bags for my makeup,” says Ciucci. “I have the Sunee Plastic Zipper Pouches in a million sizes (OK, seven sizes) that allow me to keep things separate and organized. They’re waterproof to help prevent leaks but also easy to clean in the event of a spill.”

Muji Aluminum Card Case $4.90 at Muji “My favorite hack that I’ve discovered on-set when trying to come up with the most sanitary Covid protocols is to use a Muji Aluminum Card Case as a personal to-go palette,” says Ciucci. “Scrape out some of your cream blush, contour, highlight, concealer, lipstick, gloss — whatever! — then close the case and slip it into your makeup bag. It’s slim and compact, holds all you need and stays neat and sanitary.”

Zuca Beauty Caddy $65 at Amazon If you have trouble keeping everything organized, makeup artist Arielle Antoinette, who works with celebs like Spice and Jayda Shaunette, loves Zuca. While she uses the Sport Artist Bag — which is geared more toward professionals — the brand’s smaller organizational bags are top-rated too.

Zuca Large Utility Pouches, Set of 2 $36 at Amazon If you tend to carry around a lot of products, Antoinette also recommends staying organized by grouping your products — liners with liners, base makeup with base makeup — and storing them in smaller containers.

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These are the 19 best makeup bags experts swear by

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