Barnette Said She Was Leading Buses To DC For ‘our 1776 Moment’ On January 6, 2021

Barnette Said She Was Leading Buses To DC For ‘our 1776 Moment’ On January 6, 2021

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Calling it “our 1776 moment,” Barnette promised those attending the rally would make their voices heard, according to previously unreported comments from the time reviewed by CNN’s KFile. In another interview before the rally, Barnette said she helped bring three buses to Washington.

Barnette, best known as a conservative political commentator who recently surged in the polls for Tuesday’s GOP primary, has seen renewed interest in her attendance at the rally after photos of her marching toward the Capitol began circulating on social media on Sunday. CNN’s KFile verified the videos.

    “You’re gonna see a bunch of pissed off patriots that are like, ‘We’re not having this anymore,'” Barnette told radio host and conservative activist Ed Martin on January 5, 2021. “You’re gonna have to hear our voices. And so I’m so very grateful that Americans are not rolling over. Democrats are used to, you know, being loud, whining, calling us names and then our side of the aisle, simply roll over and play dead. I am so proud that there are an innumerable number of Americans who are just like, no, we are not rolling over. We’re not going back to sleep. You’re gonna have to hear us.”

      “I believe most people realize that this is our 1776 moment,” she later added. “And I’m so grateful to God that back then we had a number of people who were not wimps, weenies and punks, and they stood up against some insurmountable odds. And right now I think a lot of people are looking back to that and recognizing that we are not wimps, weenies or punks, we’re gonna stand up to some — what seems like insurmountable odds. And they’re gonna have to listen to our voices.”

        In a since-deleted tweet from the day before the Capitol riot, Barnette boasted of her upcoming attendance at the rally. “Democrats are Demons in Drag… They look like fellow Americans,” she wrote. “But, those Democrats who believe the

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        Barnette said she was leading buses to DC for ‘our 1776 moment’ on January 6, 2021

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