The Beloved UE Fits Earbuds Just Got A Gorgeous New Color

The Beloved UE Fits Earbuds Just Got A Gorgeous New Color

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The UE Fits are a great choice for anyone who may have trouble wearing earbuds for longer periods of time, and now you can get them in a brand-new hot pink color. Joining the lilac, midnight blue and gray colors already being offered, the new limited-edition $199 Hot Pink UE Fits are made for spring and warmer weather but also offer up to eight hours of playback on one charge and a pretty, matching carrying case.

UE Fits earbuds were created to better fit the exact shape of your ear. Ultimate Ears, best known for its experience making custom in-ear monitors for professional musicians, imbued its true wireless earphones with sci-fi-like, purple LEDs that heat up the gel-filled ear tips when initially set up. This makes them soft enough to perfectly mold to the shape of your ear when you put them on, and the entire process takes approximately one minute with the free companion app.


“Self-expression is a core value of our brand, and with this colorway, we’re aiming to deliver a product that stands out in a crowd,” says Jonah Staw, vice president and general manager of Ultimate Ears Customs. “Much like [how] UE Fits disrupted the wireless earbuds market with its custom fit, this arresting, vibrant color disrupts the status quo in what people are wearing in their ears.”

Other details to keep in mind include the IPX3 rating, which is semi-waterproof for poolside antics, as well as dual microphones for reliable performance if you want to take calls on the go.

You can grab this upbeat, flaming pink answer to great-fitting earb

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The beloved UE Fits earbuds just got a gorgeous new color

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