Our Pick For Best Office Chair Is Over $100 Off Right Now

Our Pick For Best Office Chair Is Over $100 Off Right Now

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After a year-plus of working from home for many, sitting on the sofa or on a kitchen table chair just isn’t cutting it anymore. Getting an office chair can help your body feel way better, thanks to an ergonomic, supportive design — but all are not created equal (some, for example, look great on the ’gram but don’t actually do anything to support you while you sit for multiple hours).

Steelcase’s Series 1 Office Chair is our top pick for the best office chair after extensive testing: It’s super customizable and ultra comfortable too, and right now it’s on sale at Amazon.

The Steelcase Series 1 stood out in our comprehensive test as one of the most customizable, high-quality, comfortable office chairs on the market, beating out chairs double the price — making it the best bang for the buck.

At the moment, the sale price is $384.93 for the chair in purple compared to its usual $492 price tag, making now a great time to buy. Yes, it’s still not cheap, but here’s our thinking: If you sit in an office chair just as long most days as you sleep on a mattress, it’s worth investing in something that’s going to feel comfortable for you.

This chair’s design is made to be comfortable and supportive all day long, and it does so at a level far above its price poi

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Our pick for best office chair is over $100 off right now

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