Why Securing Businesses Starts With Passwords

Why Securing Businesses Starts With Passwords

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If you run a company, odds are you use a bevy of digital online tools: social media accounts, payroll services, customer resource software, content management platforms — and every single one of these digital tools requires a password. In order to best protect your information, each password every employee uses should be unique, long and random (especially since, according to Verizon, about 61% of confirmed data breaches involve credential data). If all of that sounds overwhelming, though, it doesn’t have to be; that’s because Dashlane, a streamlined and human-friendly cybersecurity company, is here to help.

Dashlane is a web and mobile app created by a team of security experts. These experts have taken password health (something that can often be seen as complex and scary) and made it simple and accessible instead. In short, individuals, organizations and families alike can protect their data while still allowing everyone to easily log in to the accounts they need any time, anywhere.

Among its premium business offerings, which cost less than $7 per month, you’ll find single sign-on (SSO) and System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), both of which help to keep employees’ data secure. Password scores and trackers give businesses a rating for each employee as well as their company-wide health over time so they can fully understand the impact of their security initiatives. Other perks include a VPN (Virtual Private Network), secure notes, up to 1GB of encrypted file storage, form autofill and an automatic password ch

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Why securing businesses starts with passwords

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