Ukraine’s President Says His Forces Don’t Have Enough ‘serious And Heavy’ Weapons. Earlier, Putin Sent A Warning After A Successful ICBM Test In Russia.

Ukraine’s President Says His Forces Don’t Have Enough ‘serious And Heavy’ Weapons. Earlier, Putin Sent A Warning After A Successful ICBM Test In Russia.

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42 min agoAnalysis: Western pressure on Russia hasn’t stopped Putin’s latest provocationsAnalysis from CNN’s Maeve Reston

The US took new steps to ratchet up pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday — announcing new economic sanctions to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine on the same day that US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other finance ministers walked out of a G20 summit in Washington in protest once Russia’s delegate began his remarks.

Those moves were rich with symbolism about Western intentions to keep tightening the vise around Russia’s economy as the US and its allies try to isolate Putin on the world stage. But they looked feeble against the backdrop of Putin’s provocative test launch of Russia’s new intercontinental ballistic missile and the allies’ inability to save civilians as the latest evacuation attempts from Mariupol collapsed Wednesday.

US officials downplayed the importance of the missile test, noting they had been alerted of the launch window through international notification agreements, that they had tracked the missile’s path and believe it is not yet operational in Russia’s inventory.

But after weeks of saber-rattling from Putin — including his February order putting nuclear forces on high alert — the Russian leader clearly hoped the move would unnerve the US and its allies as they weigh their next moves to help Ukraine.

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45 min agoWorld War II Soviet victory flag begins to appear across parts of Russian-occupied UkraineFrom CNN’s Paul P. Murphy

The Soviet victory flag from World War II is beginning to appear across occupied parts of Ukraine ahead of Russia’s May 9 WWII Victory Day celebration. 

The red flag — flown over Berlin’s Reichstag on May 9, 1945, when the Nazis surrendered to the Soviets — bears the Soviet hammer and sickle insignia with the inscription, “150th Rifle, Order of Kutuzov Second Class, Idritz Division, 79th Rifle Corps, 3rd Shock Army, 1st Belorussian Front.” 

May 9 has since become a revered holiday in Russia and the flag an important icon.

Russian troops raised a large flag as part of a staged propaganda stunt in occupied Kherson, videos published on Tuesday show. Propaganda videos published on Wednesday by Russian-backed separatists in Kreminna showed troops fixing the victory flag to a Ukrainian government building.

Kreminna fell under Russian and Russian-backed separatist control earlier this week, Ukrainian officials said.

The flag was also placed atop the regional council building in the Russian-occupied town of Henichesk in Kherson province. A statue of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin was reinstalled in front of the council building earlier this week, CNN has previously reported.

Two European officials told CNN that Russian forces are feeling “self-imposed pressure” to achieve any semblance of a victory ahead of Russia’s May 9 Victory Day celebration. Russia generally marks the holiday with a military parade through Red Square and a speech from President Vladimir Putin.

1 hr 1 min agoIt’s 7 a.m. in Kyiv. Here’s what you need to knowAs Russian troops bear down on the besieged southeastern port city of Mariupol, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned his forces don’t have enough “serious and heavy” weapons. Some 120,000 people remain trapped in the city, he said.

Here are the latest developments on Russia’s war in Ukraine:

Heavy weapons shortage: The Ukrainian President said his forces don’t have enough “serious and heavy” weapons to defeat the Russian army in Mariupol. He said there were two paths to ending the standoff in the city: “[The first] involves serious and heavy weapons […] The second path is diplomatic. So far Russia hasn’t agreed to this.”Ukrainian officials “ready” for Mariupol evacuation talks: Two top Ukrainian officials said they are ready to head to Mariupol to negotiate the evacuation of soldiers and civilians, Captain Svyatoslav Palamar of Ukraine’s Azov Regiment said. An evacuation corridor from the city “did not work as planned” Wednesday, said Ukraine’s deputy prime minister.Russians take central Rubizhne: Videos on social media and verified by CNN show Russian forces in Ukraine’s Luhansk region have taken central Rubizhne and the nearby village of Kreminna. The videos come after the regional military administrator said 80% of the Luhansk region is under Russian control.Air force extra parts: The Ukrainian Air Force has added about 20 operational aircraft to its fleet because of an influx of spare parts, a senior US defense official said. Without specifying which country provided the parts, the official said the US and other countries worked “to get them the parts they need to get them in the air.”More US help on way for Ukraine: The US will announce a new round of security assistance to Ukraine “in very short order,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. CNN previously reported the US is prepping another $800 million military assistance package. New sanctions: The US has unveiled its latest round of sanctions against Russia, this time targeting a key commercial bank and “a global network of more than 40 individuals and entities led by US-designated Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev.” Russia tests intercontinental ballistic missile: The Russian defense ministry said it had conducted a test launch of its Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile. The missile was fired from the Arkhangelsk region of northern Russia toward the Kura test site in Russia’s far east. The US was notified ahead of the missile test and tracked it closely. “Such testing is routine,” said Pentagon press secretary John Kirby.G20 walkout: Finance ministers from multiple nations walked out of a closed-door G20 session in Washington, DC, when the Russian delegate began his prepared remarks, a person familiar with the session said. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen took part in the walkout, as did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau along with other Western and European officials.1 hr 3 min agoRussians take control of central Rubizhne in Luhansk, videos showFrom CNN’s Paul P. Murphy

A video grab from Facebook on Monday shows destruction in Rubizhne, Ukraine. (From Facebook)Russian forces in Ukraine’s Luhansk region have taken central Rubizhne and the nearby village of Kreminna, videos circulating on social media show.

CNN has g

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Ukraine’s President says his forces don’t have enough ‘serious and heavy’ weapons. Earlier, Putin sent a warning after a successful ICBM test in Russia.

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