Best Buy Just Made Getting Rid Of Old Gadgets Way Easier (And Eco-Friendly)

Best Buy Just Made Getting Rid Of Old Gadgets Way Easier (And Eco-Friendly)

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Just in time for Earth Day (that’s Friday!), Best Buy is making getting rid of your old gadgets and appliances way easier with Standalone Haul-Away Service, a new home pick-up program. Rather than making you find eco-friendly ways to dispose of old laptops (complicated) and appliances (heavy, bulky, hard to move), the electronics retailer will now come to your door and take them off your hands to recycle them.

Best Buy is the U.S.’s largest collector of e-waste, and it’s about to get even bigger with this program, which is available across the U.S. The Standalone Haul-Away Service costs $199.99 and sets you up to have up to two larger appliances, including things like TVs, dishwashers and all-in-one computers and monitors removed, as well as select smaller products like cords, gaming consoles, cameras and laptops. If you’re a member of the store’s Totaltech program, you’ll save 20% on the haul-away price.

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Best Buy just made getting rid of old gadgets way easier (and eco-friendly)

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