We Tried Therabody’s Facial Gadget That Massages, Cleanses & More

We Tried Therabody’s Facial Gadget That Massages, Cleanses & More

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Sophie Shaw

From facial rollers and microcurrent devices to LED wands and cleansing brushes, there are a number of tools that add benefits — and bulk — to our beauty or grooming routines. With its latest launch, the TheraFace Pro, Therabody streamlines this, offering an all-in-one device that provides facial massage, microcurrent, LED light therapy, a cleansing head and hot and cold treatments. The innovative product launches today for $399 at Therabody.com and comes with a number of bells and whistles, including six different attachments, that make it an upgrade to your skin care and facial health.

Therabody, the company behind the Theragun body massagers (which are considered among the best massage guns on the market), is known for its percussive therapy that eases muscle tension, increases circulation and aids in recovery. Now, the company is applying that technology to the new TheraFace Pro, allowing you to relax from head to toe.


“We spent two years on research and development to optimize our patented percussive therapy technology for the face,” Therabody co-founder and chief wellness officer Dr. Jason Wersland says. “However, we pushed ourselves to create something truly revolutionary by adding several more science-backed treatments to give people a device they’ve never seen before. The TheraFace Pro allows you to care for your face at a muscular and cellular level; because beauty is more than skin deep.”

We got to test the new device and see how it measures up to similar beauty tools — and experience how the TheraFace Pro goes beyond the aesthetic realm of beauty and into facial health therapy. But first, let’s dig deeper into what that actually means.

The TheraFace Pro is a portable all-in-one facial wellness device that has benefits that go deeper than the skin.

Your facial health can be measured by how your face looks and feels. Facial health therapy utilizes different modalities — like LED lights, microcurrent, percussive therapy and more — to target specific concerns such as acne or signs of aging like lack of elasticity and wrinkles. The course of facial health therapy treatment varies depending on each person’s needs, which is why the TheraFace Pro is customizable, with different attachments that you can mix and match. For example, those with fine lines and wrinkles may want to try the red light setting on the LED ring, which helps build collagen and reduce wrinkles, combined with the toning and tension-releasing benefits of percussive therapy.

Sophie Shaw

At $399, the TheraFace Pro is priced comparatively with Therabody’s premium massage guns, and features the flexibility of multiple facial treatments that other similarly priced facial wellness tools on the market, like the NuFace Trinity microcurrent device ($339) and CurrentBody LED Light Therapy Mask ($370) do not. The TheraFace Pro, available in rose gold and white or black and gold, comes with three different percussive therapy attachments (flat, micro-point and cone), a microcurrent ring, an LED ring with three wavelength settings (red, blue and red with infrared light) and a cleansing ring. The kit also includes a stand, a travel bag with pockets to store the different heads, the TheraOne Conductive Gel for the microcurrent treatment and a charging cable. Additional hot and cold ring attachments can be purchased separately as a set for $99.

Sophie Shaw

In addition to the interchangeable attachments, you can adjust the device’s settings across three percussive therapy speeds and choose the intensity of its microcurrent and hot and cold treatments. We were impressed by the variety of customizations — the percussive therapy attachments can be used in tandem with the LED ring or the cold ring — which allow for a multi-targeted treatment. While these combined therapies were our favorite, the microcurrent also performed well and had immediate payoff in seeing where the treatment helped improve the contour of the face.

The device also features a 15-second timer that helps you track your treatment across the different areas of your face. An OLED screen shows your selected settings, as well as the device’s battery level, which holds a 120-minute batt

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We tried Therabody’s facial gadget that massages, cleanses & more

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