The Two Leaders Had An Unfriendly Face-To-Face Meeting, Where Karl Nehammer Said He Addressed The ‘serious War Crimes’ Carried Out In Ukraine

The Two Leaders Had An Unfriendly Face-To-Face Meeting, Where Karl Nehammer Said He Addressed The ‘serious War Crimes’ Carried Out In Ukraine

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1 hr 22 min agoAustrian chancellor says meeting with Putin was “not a friendly visit”From CNN’s Nadine Schmidt in Berlin 

A face-to-face meeting between Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow was ”not a friendly visit,” Nehammer said in a statement issued by an Austrian official after the meeting.

“This is not a friendly visit. I have just come from Ukraine and have seen with my own eyes the immeasurable suffering caused by the Russian war of aggression,” he said in the statement.   Nehammer — the first European Union leader to have met with Putin since the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24 — said the conversation with the Russian leader was “very direct, open and tough.” 

The Austrian chancellor added that his most important message to Putin was that the war in Ukraine must end because “in a war there are only losers on both sides,” reiterating that he had hoped to help bring an end to the war or improve conditions for civilians. 

”I addressed the serious war crimes in Bucha and other places and emphasized that all those responsible for them must be held accountable. I also told President Putin in no uncertain terms that sanctions against Russia will remain in place and will continue to be tightened as long as people are dying in Ukraine,” Nehammer said.

”I have just come from Ukraine and have seen with my own eyes the immeasurable suffering caused by the Russian war of aggression. The trip to Moscow and the talks with President Putin are a duty for me. A duty out of a sense of responsibility to leave no stone unturned to bring about a cessation of hostilities or at least humanitarian progress for the suffering civilian population in Ukraine. For me, there is no alternative to seeking direct talks with Russia as well, despite all the very great differences,” Nehammer said in the statement. ”The EU is more united than ever on this issue. I also made it clear to the Russian President that there is an urgent need for humanitarian corridors to bring drinking water and food to the besieged cities and to bring out women, children and the wounded. I will now return to inform our European partners about my conversation with the Russian President and discuss further steps,” he concluded.

1 hr 52 min agoHere’s how Pink Floyd’s first song in nearly 30 years to support Ukraine came together Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour joined CNN on Monday to talk about why the band decided to record its first music in nearly 30 years — a song in support of Ukraine featuring vocals by a Ukrainian soldier.

The legendary rock band released the new single “Hey Hey Rise Up” last week in support of the people of Ukraine, the band said in a statement. It’s the first new music from the band since 1994, and all proceeds will go to Ukrainian humanitarian relief, the statement added.

The song is performed by Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason, with bass player Guy Pratt and Nitin Sawhney on keyboard. The song features vocals by Andriy Khlyvnyuk from the Ukrainian band Boombox. The band used audio of Khlyvnyuk singing in central Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, where he performed “a rousing Ukrainian protest song written during the first World War which has been taken up across the world over the past month in protest” against the Russian invasion.

Gilmour, who has a Ukrainian daughter-in-law and grandchildren, said in the statement that he felt moved by Khlyvnyuk’s performance “in a square in Kyiv with this beautiful gold-domed church and … in the silence of a city with no traffic or background noise because of the war.”

On Monday, Gilmour talked about how his family members sent him the clip of Khlyvnyuk singing that song in the square. 

“It’s just a very, very striking performance and of course, due to the fact it’s a cappella and there’s no other instruments backing it. So you can easily take it to a studio and do something with it,” he said.Gilmour said at the time he was “already very frustrated by my own inability to do anything much” for Ukraine. He called Russia’s attack on Ukraine “appalling.”

Gilmour said it is an “awful thing that’s going on in Ukraine” and this song “seemed like a great thing to arrive at my feet that I could then turn it into something which was actively, I hope, do some positive good.” 

Asked if he could imagine the band doing a live performance with Khlyvnyuk in the future, Gilmour said, “I certainly wouldn’t rule it out.” 

“It would be great if we can make something like that work. And he’s very keen on the idea. I have spoken to him several times in the last three weeks,” he added.

Gilmour said that one of those conversations he had with the singer, who is fighting in the war, happened while “he was in a hospital bed having been struck by a piece of mortar shrapnel.” 

“He was there with a big black eye, a bandage all over his face. The reality of what he’s living, other people are living through there is just beyond what most of us can really understand or believe can happen in the world.”

2 hr 24 min agoTemporary bridge opened in Kyiv suburb of Irpin, senior Ukrainian official saysFrom CNN Staff

A temporary bridge in the Kyiv suburb of Irpin has been completed, opening a route for humanitarian aid and reconstruction, a senior Ukrainian official said Monday.

Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov said the temporary crossing on the R-30 road had been completed and could bear the load of two trucks moving in both directions.

“This is important, given that its main purpose is to create a sustainable logistics connection for Irpin and surrounding cities, which need both humanitarian aid and building materials to rebuild infrastructure,” he said. The main Irpin bridge was destroyed in the opening days of the war by Ukrainian forces to slow the advance of Russian troops. A CNN team observed that traffic has been returning to the town as some residents go back.

1 hr 44 min agoAustrian Chancellor Nehammer’s meeting with Putin concludesFrom CNN’s Nadine Schmidt

A meeting between

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on April 11. (Dragan Tatic)Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer and Russian Pr

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The two leaders had an unfriendly face-to-face meeting, where Karl Nehammer said he addressed the ‘serious war crimes’ carried out in Ukraine

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