Mai’s Breast Cancer Story

Mai’s Breast Cancer Story

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Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer can turn your world upside down. These women share how they felt after hearing the “C word,” and how their experience has changed them.

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Kavita:I did not say the word cancer until several months into my treatment. I could barely write it in a text message. It took me a while to work up to say that word, the C word, the ugly C word. And now I’m in a place I can say it. Cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer. I can say you and shout you from the mountain tops because you will not get me. Anna:I was 27 years old and a one-year newlywed when I found a lump myself, while I was taking a shower. I didn’t have any family history of cancer, and within a week I was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer. And my whole world fell apart. Kavita:I was in denial immediately because I refused to believe that these were my results because my body would not have done this to me. So I refused to believe that any of it was true or that it was actually happening to me. You don’t just hear cancer and get to sit down. It’s time t

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Mai’s breast cancer story

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