Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Faces Second Day Of Questions

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Faces Second Day Of Questions

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3 min agoEach senator on the panel will now have 20 minutes for additional questionsSen. Lindsey Graham questions Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on Wednesday. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)Each member of the Senate Judiciary Committee will now have 20 minutes each to ask additional questions to Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is questioning the nominee now. You can see who is on the committee here.

Earlier in today’s hearing, two remaining senators from the panel — Democrat Jon Ossoff of Georgia and GOP Thom Tillis of North Carolina — had 30 minutes to ask questions as they did not question the nominee on Tuesday.

1 min agoJackson: A diverse judicial branch “bolsters public confidence in our system”From CNN’s Tierney Sneed

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson testifies on Wednesday. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)As the Senate weighs whether to make Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson the first Black female justice, she told the Judiciary Committee that a diverse judicial branch “lends and bolsters public confidence in our system.”

“We have a diverse society in the United States,” Jackson said. “There are people from all over who come to this great nation and make their lives and when people see that the judicial branch is comprised of a variety of people who are, have taken the oath to protect the Constitution and who are doing their best to interpret the laws consistent with that oath, it lends confidence that the rulings that the judge, that, that the court is handing down are fair and just, that everything has been considered, that no one is being excluded because of a characteristic like race or gender or anything else.”

She also discussed the impact diversity on the bench has on role-modeling.

“I have been so touched by the numbers of people who’ve reached out to me in this period of time, to say how much it has meant to their daughters, to their sons, to the next generation, that I’ve been appointed, to nominated and hopefully confirmed,” she said.In a new Monmouth University survey, 69% of Americans say it’s at least somewhat important for the Supreme Court to look like the racial, ethnic and gender composition of the country as a whole, with 46% saying it’s very important. Read more here.

13 min agoJackson calls herself the “first generation to benefit from the civil rights movement”From CNN’s Tierney Sneed

(Sarah Silbiger for CNN)Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson recounted the childhood of parents, who attended segregated middle and high schools in Florida, and how her upbringing was like “night and day” to theirs.

“I do consider myself, having been born in 1970, to be the first generation to benefit from the civil rights movement, from the legacy of all of the work of so many people that went into changing the laws in this country so that people like me, could have an opportunity to be sitting here before you today,” she said. Watch the moment here:

11 min agoHere are key things to know about what happens next in the confirmation process (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is facing the final day of questioning today and the hearings will wrap up tomorrow when the American Bar Association and outside witnesses deliver testimony.

Once this week’s public hearings wrap, there’s a committee vote on whether to advance the nomination. And then there’s a final Senate floor vote. The date for these votes have not yet been set.

Democrats can confirm Jackson to the high court on the strength of their narrow Senate majority, with 50 votes and Vice President Kamala Harris breaking a tie. The party does not need any Republican support for successful confirmation, but if any Republicans do vote to confirm, it would give the White House a chance to tout a bipartisan confirmation.

It’s not yet clear, however, whether Jackson will receive any votes from Republicans.

When the Senate voted to confirm her last year to fill a vacancy on a powerful DC-based appellate court, three Republican senators voted with Democrats in favor: Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

How long does it take to confirm a Supreme Court justice? The confirmation process timeline varies. For instance, with the 2020 election bearing down and the likelihood they would lose control of the Senate, Republicans pushed through Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination in lightning speed — less than a month. Before that, the last nomination to proceed to confirmation in less than two months was Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s back in 1993. These things usually take months.

Democrats say they hope to confirm Jackson by early April.

Read more about the Supreme Court confirmation process here.

CNN’s Zachary B. Wolf, Clare Foran and Alex Rogers contributed reporting to this post.

1 hr 11 min agoResponding to GOP suggestion of too much “empathy,” Jackson says her comments to defendants were about “public safety”From CNN’s Tierney Sneed

(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson explained the way she spoke to defendants as a trial judge during sentencing, as she faces Republicans who have raised concerns about the “empathy” she has shown on the bench.

“My attempts to communicate directly with defendants is about public safety, because most of the people who are incarcerated — via the federal system and even via the state system — will come out, will be a part of our communities again,” Jackson said in response to a question from Sen. Thom Tillis, a Republican from North Carolina. “And so it is to our entire benefit, as Congress has recognized to ensure that people who come out stop committing crimes.”

Jackson testified that when she was sentencing people to very long sentences, she sought to convey to the defendant that “you have to go away understanding that I am imposing consequences for your decision, your decision to engage in criminal behavior.”She said that, as a public defender, she recognized that there were lots of defendants who didn’t take responsibility for their crimes, because “they were bitter, they were angry, they were feeling victimized because they didn’t get a chance to say what they wanted to say, because nobody explained to them that drug crimes are really serious crimes. Nobody said to them, ‘Do you understand that there are children who will never have normal lives because you sold crack to their parents, and now they’re in a vortex of addiction. Do you understand that Mr. Defendant?’” Jackson said.

“I was the one in my sentencing practices who explained to those things in an interest of furthering Congress’s direction, that we’re supposed to be sentencing people so that they can ultimately be rehabilitated to the benefit of society as a whole,” the judge said.

2 hr 5 min agoJackson says brother’s police work helped her understand “need for law enforcement”From CNN’s Tierney Sneed

Jackson’s parents, Johnny and Ellery Brown, sit in the audience Tuesday with Jackson’s brother, Ketajh Brown. (Sarah Silbiger for CNN)Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson conne

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