The Best Blackout Curtains, According To Experts

The Best Blackout Curtains, According To Experts

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Beyond crisp sheets and a solid mattress, there are a slew of other devices out there that help you achieve a truly good night’s sleep — none better or more successful than blackout curtains. “A study published in the March 2018 issue of American Journal of Epidemiology shows that even minimal exposure to light at night increases depressive risk,” says Breus. “Blackout curtains and shades are a great choice for assisting in blocking out ambient light. If you need to have a nightlight on in the bathroom, be sure that your door is closed so that the light is blocked, consider reducing the brightness of the light as well.”

And while historically blackout curtains have had a no-frills look, that’s far from the case today. “Blackout curtains can instantly look glam by using textured fabrics like velvet, linen, jacquard, even some silks and not using a grommet style to hang them,” says Lauren Kokenes, senior designer at Spacejoy, an e-commerce platform for home design.

If finding the perfect curtain length is stressing you out, fear not, Libby Rawes of the Philadelphia-based firm Sharp & Grey Interiors, has some thoughts! “Length and how draperies hang is so important. I love when a curtain panel just kisses the floor, rather than a puddle or pool on the floor. The worst thing you can do is hang a curtain too high. It needs to at least brush the floor slightly.”

Considering that there are thousands of blackout curtains on the market, we’ve rounded up 15 options, from experts’ picks to our favorites and bestsellers with loads of reviews.

Meet Amazon’s No. 1 curtain bestseller! Boasting a whopping 84,000 positive reviews and a 4.7-star rating, the polyester-blend curtains come in more than a dozen hues and sizes and are proven at blocking roughly 85% of lighting coming in — perfect for anyone looking for partial dimness.

Utterly glamorous, these vintage-esque West Elm curtains have a soft plush pile and a pretty sheen. “This is a gorgeous velvet panel that adds so much romanticism in the bedroom,” says Kokenes, adding that the alabaster color is her favorite. “It’s just such eye candy, and because it’s a heavier fabric, it also adds more blackout value.” Available in three lengths, the curtain panels can be hung by rod pocket and have a polyester blackout lining.

Boasting an understated textured fabric, this 100% polyester curtain panel from Three Posts is a Wayfair favorite, with more than 2,000 positive reviews and a 4.6-star rating. Simple and chic, the rod pocket drapes come in 13 colorways and four lengths.

Relaxed and matte in appearance thanks to being stonewashed, these West Elm curtains have a dual hang system — you can choose between a pole pocket (bunched) and hidden tab (pleated). “They look lovely during the day with a wall mount holdback,” says Kokenes, who favors the stormy blue hue. Available in three lengths, the curtain panels also have a polyester blackout lining.

Better Homes & Gardens Modern Leaves Rod Pocket Blackout Curtain Panel, Set of 2 Perfect for bedrooms and living spaces alike, these curtains from Better Homes & Gardens’ line at Walmart are simple and pretty, boasting a leafy vine pattern available in four colorways, while also blocking out all light via polyester lining. In addition to reducing noise and improving energy efficiency in the home, the curtains can be hung via rod pocket or back tabs. Beyond that, they win for being the cheapest on our list!

More than 5,000 Wayfair shoppers have given these Laurel Foundry curtains the thumbs up. Currently available in four colors and sizes, the curtains not only blackout light, but also provide thermal insulation and noise reduction. “This is another great dramatic option in dark velvet that’s a bit more budget friendly, yet still has that sophistication and elegance,” says Kokenes, adding the gunmetal gray is her top pick. Hung via rod pocket, the panels come with polyester blackout lining as well.

If you’re looking for a blackout curtain with rave reviews (3,100 to be exact), that’s also super affordable (prices start at just under 25 bucks for two panels), this is it. And Shaolin Low, founder of the Honolulu-based Studio Shaolin couldn’t agree more. “These are such a pretty color and the fabric is nice and thick,” she says. “They are great to have on each side of the window or pushed over with a holdback.” The curtains have a silky texture, come in 17 colors and four sizes and can be hung via rod pocket or back tabs. And in addition to blacking out light via a microfiber fabric, the set also offers up thermal insulation and noise reduction.

Finding a blackout curtain with a pinch pleat is no easy feat, but Low gives this one her stamp of approval. “I love a floor to ceiling blackout curtain, they remind me of when you’re staying in a hotel and the whole room is pitch black,” she says. “We use these with a ceiling curtain track to get the same effect as a hotel with the ease of maneuvering them back and forth.” Available in dozens of sizes and 10 colors, the curtain has a polyester blackout panel, offers up thermal insulation and comes with built-in plastic hooks — curtain rings and/or track are sold separately.

For those who want to go rogue — and opt for non-blackout curtains — rest assured, you can always add the lining on the backend. Available in six sizes, each panel liner comes with easy-to-open rings that can be attached to a rod or back tabs, and not only boast blackout capabilities, but also thermal insulation and noise reduction.

Exclusive Home Curtains Store Catarina Layered Solid Blackout and Sheer Curtain, Set of 2 We love a flirty window treatment, and this one from Exclusive Home Curtains is just that! Available in 12 colors and five sizes, the curtains are not only super affordable (under 50 bucks for two!), but also beloved — they come with more than 10,000 positive reviews and a 4.6-star rating on Amazon. “I’ve used these in my own home and just let them hang loose and bunched to the side,” says Low. “The tulle overlay is so pretty, feminine and helps to conceal the blackout fabric.” Hung via brushed silver grommets, the curtains feature a sateen blackout panel paired with a pleated sheer panel on top.

Extreme blackout alert! Boasting a level 4 light block level thanks to a dense black-hued lining — making them a great choice for home theaters — these grommet curtains from Sun Zero come in six available colors and seven sizes and have more than 9,000 positive Amazon reviews, not to mention a 4.7-star rating. “What’s great about Sun Zero curtains is that they not only offer darkness and privacy, but also have additional features such as the thermal lining, making them noise reducing and energy efficient,” says Sun Zero president Scott Goldstein. “The light blocking feature also helps eliminate glare when watching a movie, gaming or working from home.”

If custom window treatments are a must, then head to The Shade Store to create the blackout curtains of your dreams! Once you choose from dozens of materials and multiple lining options and mount types, you can then build the panels to your exact dimensions — eliminating the need to fit into major retailers sizing options.

An elegant take on the blackout curtain, this linen option from Pottery Barn is a favorite of Kokenes, who recommends it often to clients. “It’s very versatile for so many styles, even modern, and is simple and sleek, yet adds a touch of texture to keep the visual interest,” she says. “It looks great on a simple black rod with black rings. Just hang a little higher to ensure the window is covered and then some by the blackout panel.” Available in seven colorways (Kokenes’ favorites are flax and ivory), the medium-weight panels come in six sizes and can be hung three ways — via rod pocket, back tabs or ring top — and has a polyester blackout lining.

Sure, these curtains are made for nurseries and kiddo’s bedrooms… but we wouldn’t mind seeing them in a master suite or home office, either! We’ve tested the Evelyn curtains ourselves and can attest that the blackout feature truly works — our babes were known to regularly take 3- to 4-hour-long naps thanks to them. Available in a dozen sizes and six colorways, the drapes can be hung four different ways and have a reverse belt-loop tab top construction that creates soft inverted pleats. More about that fabric: In addition to featuring polyester blackout lining, the front-facing curtains have a high-sheen linen texture that is utterly chic.

A Roman blackout shade? Yes, please! This genius option from Pottery Barn can be installed as an inside or outside mount and is completely cord-free, thanks to a roller mechanism design — don’t worry, a concealed handle means you can lower and raise shade in one quick swipe. Described by Hilary Matt of Hilary Matt Interiors is a fan, describing the shades as “clean and simple.” More to know: The shades have a polyester-and-cotton blend blackout lining and come in six colors and four sizes.

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