Donald Trump’s Pressuring Of Election Officials Is Having Real-World Consequences

Donald Trump’s Pressuring Of Election Officials Is Having Real-World Consequences

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(CNN)Former President Donald Trump has spent the last year-plus leaning on election officials in swing states across the country to change votes and publicly castigating them when they refuse.

It’s having an impact. A big one.

    This, from CNN’s Fredreka Schouten, gets to that point: “About 1 in 5 local election officials included in a new survey say they are likely to leave their jobs before the 2024 presidential election, with a third of that group citing false political attacks on the election system as the top reason for their departure.”

      And there’s this from a memo on the survey results: “Nearly three times as many local election officials are very worried about interference by political leaders in how they and fellow local election officials do their jobs going forward as they say they were before 2020.”

        And this: “1 in 6 local election officials have experienced threats, and more than half of these cases have not been reported to law enforcement.”

        (Worth noting: The poll of election officials was conducted by the Democratic-aligned Benenson Strategy Group for the liberal-leaning Brennan Center.)



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          Donald Trump’s pressuring of election officials is having real-world consequences

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