Live Updates: Ukraine’s President Says His Nation ‘will Not Give Away Anything To Anyone’

Live Updates: Ukraine’s President Says His Nation ‘will Not Give Away Anything To Anyone’

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1 hr 30 min agoUkraine President Zelensky says “we will not give anything to anyone”  (Office of the President of Ukraine)Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the nation early on Tuesday saying “we don’t owe anything to anyone, and we will not give away anything to anyone” following Russia’s recent actions.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered what he called “peacekeeping” troops into two pro-Moscow regions of eastern Ukraine, after recognizing their independence. 

“We are on our land, we are not afraid of anything and anyone, we don’t owe anything to anyone, and we will not give away anything to anyone. And we are confident of this,” Zelensky said in his video address, adding said the move was a violation of Ukraine’s “national integrity and sovereignty.”Zelensky added that Ukraine’s international borders will “remain as such” despite Russia’s “declarations and threats,” and he said Ukraine counted on the “clear and effective steps” from its international supporters.

He said Ukraine had initiated an emergency meeting with the Normandy Four, which include Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France.

He warned that Putin’s latest move undermined current “peaceful” negotiations and “may mean a one-sided exit of Russian Federation out of the Minsk Agreement and ignoring of Normandy agreement.”

Zelensky reiterated that Ukraine wanted “peace” though had been prepared for a Russian act of aggression for a “long time.”

To Ukrainian citizens, he said Ukraine would deal with the crisis calmly and confidently, and he thanked the entire nation for their cool-headed reaction to the latest developments. He assured citizens there was no reason for a “sleepless night.”

1 hr 53 min agoUS officials have had conversations with Zelensky about leaving Kyiv should it become necessaryFrom CNN’s Kaitlan Collins and Natasha Bertrand

US officials have had private conversations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about going to Lviv — a city more than 300 miles (480 kilometers) from the capital of Kyiv — should such a step become necessary as Russia continues to escalate, according to sources familiar with the conversations. 

The White House has publicly said Zelensky’s whereabouts are ultimately a decision for him to make. 

1 hr 57 min agoAustralia says it will be in lockstep with allies on any Russia sanctionsFrom CNN’s Sophie Jeong

Australia condemned Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s decision to order Russian troops into two pro-Moscow regions in eastern Ukraine and said it will be in “lockstep” with other countries over Russia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Tuesday.

“I can assure you the moment that other countries put in place strong and severe sanctions on Russia, we will be in lockstep with them, and we’ll be moving just as quickly,” Morrison said during a media briefing on Australia’s investment in Antarctica.

Morrison also said that “some suggestion” Russian troops that entered into two pro-Moscow regions in eastern Ukraine are peacekeeping troops is “nonsense.”

“Russia should step back. It should unconditionally withdraw, back behind its own borders, and stop threatening its neighbors,” Morrison added. “It’s unacceptable, it’s unprovoked, it’s unwarranted.”

1 hr 51 min agoMilitary convoy moving through streets of Donetsk, Russian mediaFrom CNN’s Paul Murphy

(From RTVI)RTVI, a Russian media outlet, posted video of a military convoy moving through the streets of the city of Donetsk late Monday.

Donetsk is the capital of the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine, which Russian President Vladimir Putin moved to recognize as independent earlier Monday.

The convoy included towed howitzers but could not be positively identified as Russian. Both the Russian backed separatists in Donetsk and the Russian army have the type of weaponry observed.  

1 hr 40 min agoUS official: Russia’s decision to recognize separatist regions of Ukraine “is a step away from diplomacy”From CNN’s DJ Judd

Principal Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer (CNN)Principal Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer said Russia’s move to recognize the independence of two separatist pro-Moscow regions in eastern Ukraine regions “is a step away from diplomacy.”

Speaking with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Finer noted that “it was a step to shred an international agreement that Russia made the Minsk agreement, which is the only agreement that has been made among the various countries involved in the Ukraine crisis.”Finer added that while the US is “not closing the door to diplomacy,” scheduled meetings between Secretary of State Tony Blinken and his Russian counterpart and a possible meeting between Biden and Putin “will depend on what happens in the coming days.”

Finer also noted that Russia’s current activity shuts down the possibility of further peaceful discussions.

“We’ve also been quite clear that there can be no diplomatic meeting either with the foreign ministers, the secretary of state and Foreign Minister Lavrov, or with the President, if Russia takes further military action in Ukraine,” said Finer.

Meanwhile, said Finer, the most recent intelligence “absolutely” points to the possibility of Russian military action.

“We fully expect that Russia will take this military action,” he said. “We have offered them, and we continue to hold out some prospect of a diplomatic off-ramp for Russia, should they choose to deescalate the conflict that way, but all signs that we see on the ground, including the pageantry that unfolded the Kremlin today suggests a step toward additional military action, not diplomacy.”

2 hr 42 min agoUN Security Council exp

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Live Updates: Ukraine’s President says his nation ‘will not give away anything to anyone’

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