The 19 Best Hoop Earrings For Every Price Point And Style

The 19 Best Hoop Earrings For Every Price Point And Style

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There are certain items in your arsenal that can instantly upgrade any outfit, like a pair of crystal-encrusted heels or a bold red lip. But sometimes, the most powerful pieces are the ones you’d least expect — like a solid pair of hoop earrings. The jewelry mainstay has transcended the trend cycle and evolved into a seasonless wardrobe staple that’s captured the attention of editors, influencers and stylists alike.

“I never leave the house without jewelry on,” says Meeka Hossain, a content creator living in Los Angeles. “I feel naked without it and hoops are practically a part of my daily uniform. I have so many different variations: From big to small, gold to silver, they all make me look more polished and pull my outfits together nicely.”

As Hossain points out, hoop earrings aren’t one-size-fits-all: There are myriad styles to choose from — and while the best ones aren’t always the most expensive, sometimes it pays to spend a little more if you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that’ll last years.

Ahead, the best hoop earrings for every style according to experts.

There’s a reason these doughy hoops have almost 1,000 5-star reviews: They’re great quality, not too heavy and the perfect size, according to customers and stylists alike.

This triple pack of hoops was made to be stacked.

If you’re looking for an everyday pair of gold hoops, this is it: The brand is a favorite of both Hossain and Alyssa Coscarelli, a fashion consultant living in Los Angeles.

A favorite of model and size-inclusive fashion advocate Lauren Chan, these cubic zirconia huggies offer a budget-friendly option for anyone in the market for diamond hoops.

Reviewers say these tiny pave-encrusted hoops “are small, but sparkle” for a statement-making effect.

“I love Alix Yang’s vintage-inspired styles, like this shape that’s a bit more oblong than your typical hoop, which I think really adds something special,” says fashion consultant and entrepreneur Alyssa Coscarelli.

These budget-friendly hoops are the perfect weight for an everyday earring.

Coscarelli’s drawn to the chunky shape of these easy-to-wear hoops.

“I exclusively wear huggies because I don’t care for the fuss of statement earrings and studs bother (read: poke!) me while I sleep,” says Chan. “My two favorites: the Last Line’s initial huggie, complete with a mini diamond and Octavia Elizabeth’s hammered gold hoops.

“These thicker hoops from Jenny Bird have been on heavy rotation, but luckily aren’t as heavy as they might look,” says Coscarelli.

One reviewer says these sculptural hoops are “great for everyday, comfortable and secure, yet a fun shape, bold enough to make a statement.”

Chan loves this hammered Octavia Elizabeth style for its versatility, too.

“Reliquia is always trying something new and different with their hoops, like this pair that’s half silver, half gold — aka, it goes with everything!” says Coscarelli.

Medium and big hoop earrings “This is my ideal everyday hoop,” says Hossain. “It’s the perfect size — not too small and not too big. As someone who has a lot of Loren Stewart pieces, I can attest to the quality being worth the splurge.”

“Laura Lombardi curve hoops are my forever go to statement hoops,” says Mason. “They’re brass, feel lightweight, and are really bold and eye-catching.”

“I like things that catch your eye but in subtle ways,” says Hossain. “The artful shape of these hoops can add more dimension to your outfit.”

“These would be my going out statement hoops,” says Hossain. “They combine my two favorite jewelry elements together, gold and pearls. The mismatched pair MAKE the outfit.”

Paco Rabanne XL Link Gold-Tone and Crystal Earrings These bold earrings make for the perfect statement piece.

Roxanne Assoulin is a go-to brand for editors and stylists for its playful, fun take on accessories.

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