Analysis: Every Republican Should Be Required To Read This Lisa Murkowski Quote

Analysis: Every Republican Should Be Required To Read This Lisa Murkowski Quote

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Here it is (bolding is mine):

Tapper: “It’s a weird time, though, for partisan politics, right? And I dare say it’s a little weirder for Republicans right now. … It must be uncomfortable to be a non-rigidly partisan person during this period.”

Murkowski: “During this part — period, yes.

“But it can be uncomfortable — it can be uncomfortable when you say, I’m not going to align myself neatly with what the party is saying just because the party is saying. You’ve got to be comfortable enough in who you are and who you represent and why you’re here.

“I mean, I’m not here to be the representative of the Republican Party. I’m here to be the representative for Alaskan people. And I take that charge very, very seriously. So, when there is a conflict, when the party is taking an approach or saying things that I think are just absolutely wrong, I think it’s my responsibility, as an Alaskan senator speaking out for Alaskans, to just speak the truth.”

That right there is something that is both a) absolutely fundamental to American democracy and b) seemingly forgotten by large swaths of elected Republicans these days.

The most basic job of a representative is to, well, represent the people of their district or state. Not all of those people voted for them. Not all of those people agree with them. Some vehemently disagree. But the job is to serve the interests of all of your constituents, not just the ones who you think put you in office.

Party should come second to country or, in Murkowski’s thinking, state.

It wasn’t that long ago that such an idea sat at the heart of the Republican Party. When Arizona Sen. John Mc

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Analysis: Every Republican should be required to read this Lisa Murkowski quote

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