It’s So Cold, Forecasters Predict ‘only In Florida’ Weather Calamity

It’s So Cold, Forecasters Predict ‘only In Florida’ Weather Calamity

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(CNN)Cold weather is relative to where you are, right?

A freezing wind chill in Minneapolis might be a warm snap. People in the Northeast are being crushed by a legitimate blizzard.

And way down south in South Florida, all the way down to South Beach, the high temp Saturday will be a bone-chilling 60 degrees, the National Weather Service says.

And on Sunday?

Forget about it. Sunday morning in West Palm Beach, the temp will be 36, with a wind chill at 32, forecasters say. Other locations in South Florida are expecting temps so cold that forecasters are even predicting the “only in Florida” weather calamity known as: Isolated falling iguanas.

“Much of the state will remain mostly clear and frigid tonight with the chance for scattered to isolated falling iguanas from trees due to subfreezing temperatures that may temporarily paralyze them,” according to the Weather Prediction Center.

The keyword is “temporarily,” since the raining reptiles most often rejuvenate when the warmth returns.

The bitter Arctic air could bring the coldest temperatures in more than a decade to Miami on Sunday morning.

Freeze watches and warnings are in effect for much of the state Saturday night.

Wind chill advisories reach down to Key Largo. Wind chills will drop into the tee

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It’s so cold, forecasters predict ‘only in Florida’ weather calamity

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