Manchin Admonishes Democrats’ Push To Gut Filibuster

Manchin Admonishes Democrats’ Push To Gut Filibuster

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4 min agoManchin admonishes Democrats’ push to gut filibuster, calling it a “perilous course” for the nationFrom CNN’s Manu Raju

(Senate TV)In a floor speech that occurred just as President Biden was speaking at his news conference, Sen. Joe Manchin, a key Democratic moderate, reiterated that he would not change the Senate’s filibuster rules along straight party lines to let 51 votes advance legislation.

Manchin said he was speaking out against “a great misleading of the American people.”

Manchin added: “For the last year, my Democratic colleagues have taken the airwaves, pages of newspapers across the country to argue that (eliminating) the filibuster is restoring the vision of the Founding Fathers intended for this country. That is simply not true.”

He later said that “eliminating the filibuster would be easy way out…I cannot support such a perilous course for our nation … It’s time we do the hard work to forge the difficult compromises that can stand the test of time,” he said, admonishing his colleagues.

He argued Democrats were trying to “break the rules to change the rules.”

He also reiterated what he told CNN earlier: That Schumer shouldn’t prematurely shut down debate on the elections and voting bill, saying it should be on the floor for weeks to build support for the bill.

7 min agoSchumer says he’ll put forward “talking filibuster” proposal once GOP blocks Democrats’ elections billFrom CNN’s Ali Zaslav and Ted Barrett 

(Senate TV)Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer gave an impassioned floor speech earlier today as the Senate debated voting legislation for the first time in this Congress, and he reiterated that when GOP lawmakers block Democrats’ election legislation from advancing, he will put forward his proposal to allow for a “talking filibuster” on voting legislation.

“As we debate this issue, so critical to the wellspring of our democracy, we will all confront the critical question: Shall members of this chamber do what is necessary to pass these bills and move them to the President’s desk? It’s my hope that courage awakens within the heart of our Republican colleagues before the day is out,” he said, adding that if the Senate cannot protect the right to vote, “then the Senate rules must be reformed.”“Our proposal for a talking filibuster on these pieces of legislation would be the first step towards passing voting rights, restoring this body and breaking the gridlock that we now face on this vital issue,” Schumer continued.

As Schumer spoke, CNN counted about 30 Democrats in the Senate chamber, including the majority leader and Sen. Pat Leahy, who was presiding. No Republicans were in the chamber during his speech. It’s impactful, as Schumer’s daily morning speeches are typically given to an empty chamber. Sen. Joe Manchin, who is set to eventually vote against the nuclear option, was in the chamber, but Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was not.  

Schumer repeated in his remarks that he knows “it’s an uphill fight” to change the Senate rules to pass election legislation as there are some in the caucus who believe the legislative filibuster “helps bring us together.”

He slammed that argument, saying, “I don’t see that evidence, evidence of that at all, and I think a majority of my colleagues would agree with that.”

As the two moderate Democrats, Manchin and Sinema, remain opposed to lowering the threshold of the legislative filibuster, the vote to change the Senate rules is expected to fail. 

1 hr 26 min ago19 states passed 34 laws that restrict voting in some way in the last year, analysis showsFrom CNN’s Fredreka Schouten

Republicans aligned with former President Trump are pressing ahead at the state level to change voting procedures, conduct partisan investigations of the last presidential contest and seize more control over the machinery of elections.

Democrats and voting rights advocates warn that the unrelenting campaign to cast doubt on the legitimacy of President Biden’s 2020 victory over Trump could erode voter confidence in elections and increase

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Manchin admonishes Democrats’ push to gut filibuster

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