Target Just Launched A New Home Storage Line, And It’s Really Good

Target Just Launched A New Home Storage Line, And It’s Really Good

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January is here, folks, which means that now that the fanfare of the holidays is behind us, it’s time to whip our homes into shape. Studies have shown that not only do super-organized spaces look great, organization also does wonders for our collective well-beings. Nothing is more soothing than a tidy drawer or an immaculate under-sink cabinet, right? Right. Lucky for us, Target is here to aid us in this quest. The mega-retailer launched a new in-house brand, Brightroom, and it’s focused squarely on storage and home organization. Trust us, it’s really good and really affordable.

Featuring everything from storage bins and hampers to drawer dividers, shelving units and a slew of seriously chic baskets — all boasting the reasonable prices Target is known for — Brightroom is giving us a whole new reason to head to Target. “We know the new year brings opportunities for new beginnings, including an eagerness to organize our homes for the year ahead,” Target’s senior vice president of merchandising, home Samara Tuchband tells CNN Underscored. “Brightroom is all about helping guests easily organize their homes with hundreds of well-designed and functional pieces — all at an incredible value.”

Tackling all the areas of the home that need the most organizational love (we’re looking at you, bathrooms, closets, kitchens and laundry rooms!), Brightroom’s selection includes more than 450 products, most of which ring in at under 25 bucks (prices start at just $1).

Peruse some of our favorite Brightroom pieces below, all of which will help you harness your inner-organizing guru. Whether you’re looking to organize those sweaters in your closet that keep falling on your head or finally corral all your makeup into one sleek spot, these must-haves will get you there in a snap.

Just thinking about the chaos that can be controlled in these drawer storage trays has us relaxed. Given their price, you can arrange all the messy drawers in your house for under 10 bucks. Whether you’re systemizing your office essentials (paper clips, staples, sticky notes and more) or your kitchen’s doodads (tea bags, wine openers and cheese knives), know that the end result will be well worth the effort.

For those bulkier items in your pantry that deserve to be on display, we recommend this pretty wire basket that will add a hefty dose of style to the space. We love the contrasting wood handles, and that you can also use it in your bathroom or whatever space in your home is begging to be organized.

A space-saving organizer? Yes, please! Brightroom’s Punched Metal Over-the-Door Organizer is just that, instantly adding additional storage space to your cabinet — not to mention a handy towel bar on the exterior.

If your pantry is overflowing with chip bags and cereal boxes, you’re not alone. Change all that with this smart food storage system comprised of BPA-free plastic and white airtight lids that will keep your foods — from rice to pasta to flour — fresh. We love that the containers, which come in four sizes, are also stackable and dishwasher-safe. Want to load up? Check out the three- and five-piece sets here.

There’s nothing worse — or more stressful — than opening a cabinet door wondering if a pile of pot and pan lids is going to come tumbling out. Banish those thoughts with this handy steel organizer that can accommodate five lids, creating the most Zen cabinet space ever.

This just in: Trash cans are chic now! Available in white, silver and gold (yes, gold!), this 45-liter can has a front foot pedal for hands-free use and a removable bucket liner for easy trash disposal.

If you really want to whip a messy room into shape, this 6-foot-tall wire shelving is going to get the job done. Great for garages, laundry rooms, pantries and more, the unit will add a huge amount of storage possibilities wherever it lands. More to know: It comes in both a shiny black and chrome color.

Let us count the ways we love this beautiful basket. Traditional in its milk crate shape, the basket’s style comes in the form of woven water hyacinth leaves that are natural in hue and will look gorgeous whether you have them on a bookshelf, underneath a bathroom vanity or just rolling solo in your living space. This crate comes in small and large sizes, and can be coordinated with a rectangular version that comes in two sizes too.

Brightroom Round Black Wire With Natural Wood Handles Floor Basket ($36; Was there ever a better throw blanket catchall? We think not. Roomy and see-through, the basket will coordinate with pretty much any aesthetic, given its black metal finish and chic contrasting wooden handles.

Wooden crate, but make it fashion! The sturdiest of containers, this crate comes in black and natural hues and will add a dose of minimalist style to any space — while also storing everything from cleaning supplies to pet essentials away from prying eyes.

One can never have enough chic storage solutions, and this coiled rope basket is just that — great at tidying up spaces while also adding some textured style. Available in cream, gray and black (with super-chic contrasting leather handles), the baskets also come in four additional shapes and sizes.

Storage containers that seamlessly blend into your space are always a win, which is why we love this metal wire basket that’s perfect for holding towels, linens and more. Available in white and black, the basket also comes in a taller square version.

A roving storage space, this metal utility cart is something you’re going to want to have in every room. Perfect for corralling toys in playrooms, organizing necessities in bathrooms or tidying up all your office supplies, the cart has three mesh shelves (yay for ventilation!) and comes in six colors.

This clear plastic organizer is going to banish the clutter from your bathroom. The perfect landing spot for everything from cotton balls and makeup brushes to nail polishes, face masks and more, the organizer is also a win because it’s sleek enough to warrant a spot on your countertop.

Tidy up your bathroom countertop and cabinet area with this two-shelf system that is sturdy enough to hold canisters, bottles and more. Available in black and brushed nickel, the organizer also has top handles that make for easy moving.

If you’re the proud owner of accessories galore, the best storage solution out there is a hanging organizer, and this one takes the cake. For just 10 bucks, you can stash your glasses, jewelry, belts and more in this space-saving hero.

Anyone who has ever experienced a tower of sweaters or purses toppling onto their head from an overhead shelf knows that these dividers are genius. Perfect for tightly containing clothing and accessories while also keeping them upright, the dividers have an adjustable width to accommodate any shelf, and each one has a hook for holding a purse.

Whip your bedroom drawers into shape with this smart set of modular organizers that can accommodate small accessories and bulky clothes alike. Bonus: When not in use, the organizers are collapsible.

When your bedroom feels like it’s bursting at the seams with stuff, it’s time to look down…way down! Store spillover clothes and accessories (or bedding, or board games, or whatever you have that needs storing) under your bed in this elegant gray fabric bin that is easily accessible but also totally out of sight.

Chock-full of clean lines and simple design, this gem of a hamper not only folds flat when not in use but also features a removable liner that can be machine-washed. Available in a single- and triple-sorter sizing, the hamper’s open-top format also makes it super easy to toss in dirty laundry.

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Target just launched a new home storage line, and it’s really good

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