These New Year’s Resolution Stocks Are Strong

These New Year’s Resolution Stocks Are Strong

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There’s no denying that the fitness industry is an unstoppable force — even the pandemic didn’t derail it (just take a look at Peloton’s stock).

The industry is expected to continue seeing large growth, and right now is the perfect time to buy, because the biggest month in fitness each year is right around the corner.

That’s right — it’s almost New Year’s resolution time, and if 2022 is anything like last year, the vast majority of resolutions will be tied to fitness. In fact, Kelton Global found that 91% of Americans’ resolutions in 2021 were about fitness. And every January, Google sees a spike in traffic related to fitness search terms… making now a prime time to invest in fitness-related stocks. 

But after the boom in Peloton, many investors are wondering which fitness stocks are the best picks. Don’t look at gyms. Research firm OnePoll, surveyed 2,000 Americans and found that 82% appreciate their new at-home workout routines, and 78% said that fitness is now more accessible to them now. A similar percentage think traditional gym models are moving to the wayside.

Our amazing team of analysts at Motley Fool Stock Advisor have a rich history of picking winning stocks. They’ve predicted hugely succ

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These New Year’s Resolution Stocks Are Strong

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