More Destinations Added To CDC High Risk Travel List

More Destinations Added To CDC High Risk Travel List

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2 hr 56 min agoUS CDC adds Sweden, Malta and Moldova to high risk travel listFrom CNN’s Forrest Brown

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention added three European destinations to its highest-risk category for travel on Tuesday, including Sweden.

In its weekly update of Covid-19 travel advisories, the CDC also added Malta and Moldova to its “Level 4: Covid-19 Very High” category.

The CDC places a destination at Level 4 when more than 500 cases per 100,000 residents are registered in the past 28 days.

Last week, the CDC added eight destinations to the Level 4 category.

Separately on Tuesday, President Biden revoked a proclamation put in place last month that enacted travel restrictions on eight southern African nations, including South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique and Malawi.

2 hr 4 min agoHere’s a guide to CDC’s new Covid-19 quarantine and isolation recommendationsFrom CNN’s Jamie Gumbrecht

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday released new isolation and quarantine guidelines for people infected with or exposed to Covid-19.

Important to note: These are guidelines, not mandates, but many industry groups and organizations use them to set their own policies. While these guidelines offer more detail, the old adage applies: If you feel sick, stay home.

Here is a list of basic things to know:

For people who test positive for Covid-19:

Stay home and isolate for five days, regardless of whether you have symptoms. For symptomatic people, Day 1 is the first full day after symptoms developed.If you have no symptoms OR if symptoms are resolving after five days, you can leave isolation but should wear a mask around others — even at home — for five more days.If you have a fever — even a low fever that is going down — you should continue to isolate until your temperature is normal. There’s no need to test out of isolation after five days; tests can remain positive for months after Covid-19 infection, although you are no longer infectious. For people exposed to Covid-19:

These are based on what studies show about how and when people are likely to infect others.

If you are boosted, have received your first two Pfizer or Moderna doses in the last six months or your single J&J dose in the last two months: 

No need to quarantine at home after exposure.Always wear a mask around others for 10 days.Test if you develop symptoms, or five days after exposure. People can be infected even without symptoms.If you test positive, you should begin to follow isolation guidelines.If you are unvaccinated, or are eligible for a booster and haven’t received one: 

Quarantine at home for five days, and continue to wear a mask around others for five more days to be sure you don’t infect someone else.Test if you develop symptoms or five days after exposure.If you test positive, you should begin to follow isolation guidelines.3 hr 17 min agoBiden issues proclamation revoking southern Africa travel restrictionsFrom CNN’s Betsy Klein

Travelers wait in line inside the departures terminal at Cape Town International Airport on December 3. (Dwayne Senior/Bloomberg/Getty Images)President Joe Biden issued a presidential proclamation on Tuesday revoking a proclamation put in place last month that enacted travel restrictions on eight southern African nations, including; South Africa, as the Omicron variant began to spread. 

CNN had previously reported Biden’s intent to lift the restrictions.

The travel restrictions had come under fire across the globe, described by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as “travel apartheid.”

Biden administration officials repeatedly defended the move as an action to give the US more time to understand the variant and its spread.

“The travel restrictions imposed by that proclamation are no longer necessary to protect the public health,” Bide said in the new proclamation.Tuesday’s proclamation noted that scientists have determined that people vaccinated against Covid-19 “are protected against severe disease and hospitalization from the Omicron variant.”

It also said that the variant is now in over 100 countries and is “prevalent” in the US, where cases have been rising for weeks. It said that “substantial progress” has been made in understanding the Omicron variant.

The previous proclamation will be lifted at 12:01 am EST on Dec. 31.

4 hr 22 min agoNew York City schools plan to reopen as scheduled on Jan. 3 despite rise in cases citywideFrom CNN’s Taylor Romine

New York City public schools, the largest public school system in the country, will reopen as planned on Jan. 3 following a winter recess, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday. 

The city is revamping its Covid-19 testing policies in an attempt to keep more students in school during the latest surge, de Blasio said. 

Schools will be provided at-home testing kits for classrooms when a student has tested positive, and students will take two tests per day over seven days, he said. With this new policy, any student who doesn’t have symptoms and tests negative after one day of two rapid tests will return to school the next day, he continued.  

The previous policy mandated that fully vaccinated students identified as close contacts did not have to quarantine if they were symptom-free and tested, but unvaccinated students had to quarantine for 10 days or test out.

While he emphasized that New York City schools are some of the safest places in the city, the city will adjust its testing process to catch cases sooner and keep more students in school. 

The city will also double the amount of PCR Covid-19 tests they do at schools per week and will include both vaccinated and unvaccinated students, de Blasio said.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams joined Tuesday’s news conference to show support for the adjusted school testing plan. 

“We must reopen our city, and we can do that,” Adams said. “And so, you and the governor and I are sending a clear message to New Yorkers, and to this entire country, that we are together to fight this real battle we have. Two clear messages we are saying, loud and clear. Your children are safer in school, the numbers speak for themselves. And we are united to make sure that they will continue to be safe.”The announcement comes after Hochul said on Monday that two million testing kits, which contain two tests each, are going to New York City schools by Friday. An additional 3 to 3.5 million testing kits are expected to be sent to schools throughout the rest of the state, she said. 

CNN’s Elizabeth Stuart and Melanie Schuman contributed reporting.

5 hr 10 min agoCovid-19 vaccines help prevent breakthrough infections even in immune-compromised people, study showsFrom CNN’s Maggie Fox

The Covid-19 vaccine is administered at a pop-up clinic in the international arrivals section of Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California on December 22, 2021. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)Covid-19 vaccines help prevent breakthrough infections even among immune-compromised people such as organ transplant recipients and rheumatoid arthritis patients, researchers reported Tuesday. 

But these patients are at higher risk of breakthroughs than other vaccinated people and should take extra precautions, the researchers reported.

Dr. Jing Sun, an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and colleagues studied the records of 660,000 people who received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine through Sept. 16.

“Compared with partial vaccination, full vaccination was associated with a 28% reduced risk for breakthrough infection,” they wrote in a report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s JAMA Internal Medicine. “Despite full vaccination, persons with immune dysfunction had substantially higher risk for COVID-19 breakthrough infection than those without such a con

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More destinations added to CDC high risk travel list

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