The Former Officer’s Husband Was Heard Yelling ‘I Love You, Kim,’ After She Was Found Guilty Of Manslaughter And Taken Into Custody

The Former Officer’s Husband Was Heard Yelling ‘I Love You, Kim,’ After She Was Found Guilty Of Manslaughter And Taken Into Custody

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1 min agoThese are the charges Kim Potter was convicted ofKim Potter was found guilty today of first-degree manslaughter and second-degree manslaughter charges for fatally shooting Daunte Wright during a traffic-stop-turned-arrest on April 11, 2021. In body camera footage of the incident, Potter, can be heard yelling “Taser” repeatedly before she shoots Wright.

Potter was originally charged with second-degree manslaughter in April. Prosecutors added a first-degree manslaughter charge in early September.

Here’s a look at the charges and maximum sentences:

Count 1: First-Degree Manslaughter Predicated on Reckless Use/Handling of a Firearm
Maximum penalty: 15 years and/or $30,000 fine
Count 2: Second-Degree Manslaughter
Maximum penalty: 10 years and/or $20,000 fineWhile the maximum penalty for first-degree manslaughter is 15 years in prison, since Potter has no criminal history, Minnesota sentencing guidelines recommended a sentence roughly between 6 to 8.5 years in prison. For the second-degree manslaughter charge, the guidelines recommend between 3.5 to nearly 5 years in prison.

In October, prosecutors informed the court they intend to seek a more severe penalty than state guidelines call for when Potter is sentenced, claiming that she abused her position of authority and that her conduct caused “greater-than-normal danger to the safety of other people.”

1 hr 11 min agoDaunte Wright’s mother: “I kind of let out a yelp” after guilty verdictFrom CNN’s Leinz Vales

Katie Bryant, Daunte Wright’s mother (Pool)Katie Bryant, the mother of Daunte Wright, said she felt a lot of “emotions” the moment she heard former police officer Kim Potter was found guilty.

“I kind of let out a yelp, because it was built up in the anticipation of what was to come while we were waiting for the last days,” Bryant said at a news press conference. Bryant went on to praise the prosecution and the community for their support.

“We want to thank the entire prosecution team,” Bryant said. “We want to thank community support, everybody who has been out there that has supported us in this long fight for accountability.”

Potter was found guilty of first-degree and second-degree manslaughter in the fatal April shooting of Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. She will be sentenced on Feb. 18, 2022.

59 min agoWhat the scene was like outside the courthouse after the guilty verdict The family of Daunte Wright celebrate a guilty verdict for Kim Potter outside of the Hennepin County Government Center on Thursday, December 23, in Minneapolis. (Christian Monterrosa/AP)Moments after the guilty verdict was read, CNN’s Omar Jimenez described what the scene was like outside of the courthouse’s south entrance in Minneapolis.

“You can see people that have pulled up with portraits, even this one right in front with Daunte Wright in particular, familiar signs of Black Lives Matter, you see other faces and names that have been popped up,” Jimenez reported.

“People feel that whenever one of these verdicts come, it’s not just for this particular case but it’s about so many other names and faces, especially Black ones, that have come into these types of interactions with police,” he continued.

( Kerem Yucel/AFP/Getty Images)Jimenez spoke to some people waiting for a verdict outside the building, including a woman who said the verdict is “proof that the world can change and do better for us Black people, us minorities in this world.”

“That’s all I want. I have a Black son growing up in this world. You can imagine my fear for him. Daunte wasn’t doing nothing, didn’t have no gun, no nothing and got killed. Who’s to say who’s the next man that is going to get killed?” she told Jimenez. “We just need change, that’s all. It should have never happened. We fought for this.”

1 hr 17 min agoMinnesota attorney general’s message to law enforcement: Accountability “does not diminish you”Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison sent a message to those who work in law enforcement and public safety, following Kim Potter being found guilty of first and second degree manslaughter for the death of Daunte Wright.

“We hold you in high regard, and we also hold you to high standards. We don’t want you to be discouraged,” Ellison said. ”

“Your community respects and appreciates you. We want you to uphold the highest ideals of our society and ideals of safety,” he said.

Ellison continued: “When a member of your profession is held accountable, it does not diminish you. In

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The former officer’s husband was heard yelling ‘I love you, Kim,’ after she was found guilty of manslaughter and taken into custody

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