Kentucky Governor Says He Fears Some Morgues ‘aren’t Big Enough’ To Handle The Loss Of Life

Kentucky Governor Says He Fears Some Morgues ‘aren’t Big Enough’ To Handle The Loss Of Life

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12 min agoKentucky governor says he fears some morgues “aren’t big enough” to handle the loss of lifeFrom CNN’s Claudia Dominguez

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear says he fears that more than 80 lives have been lost in the storms that pummeled his state and that he expects the death toll to rise over 100.

Beshear told NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday that he also expects other challenges ahead given power outages and winter weather conditions and said that certain morgues throughout the state may not be big enough to accommodate the current needs.

“One of our challenges is we’re losing so many people in this, most of our morgues aren’t big enough, so our coroners from all over the state are coming in,” Beshear said.The governor added that hospitals around the state are also coordinating aid and sending help to hard-hit areas. 

Beshear asked people to stay at home and leave roads open for emergency workers and said he is thankful for communities in and outside the state for their support as they rally with Kentucky.

1 hr 1 min agoMore than 50,000 Kentucky residents without power following devastating tornadoFrom CNN’s Tina Burnside 

More than 50,000 residents across the state of Kentucky remain without power following Friday night’s storm.  

As of 12:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, 53,553 people are without power according to PowerOutage.US. 

In an interview on Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said most of the outages were in the Western part of the state. 

1 hr 34 min agoUS Navy veteran died during tornado at Amazon warehouse in IllinoisFrom CNN’s Paul P. Murphy 

(Family of Clayton Cope)The family of Clayton Cope, a 29-year-old US Navy veteran, confirmed to CNN that he died when a tornado hit an Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois, on Friday evening. 

Carla Cope, Clayton’s mother, told CNN that her son was, “a really good kid.” He would have turned 30 on Dec. 27, she said. 

“He loved to hang out with his friends,” she said. “He was big-hearted; he would do anything for anybody.”Clayton, like many of the men in the Cope family, spent six years serving in the US Navy, Carla said. He worked as a calibration specialist on aircraft carriers, she said. 

Clayton had worked for Amazon for just over a year as a maintenance mechanic, Carla said. His father also worked at the facility in the same position. 

“Had [Clay] not been there, my husband would have,” she said. 

Carla last spoke with Clay shortly before the tornado. She told him that the storm was coming and remembers him talking to someone else nearby telling him they needed to go make sure other employees knew, as well.  

2 hr 6 min agoKentucky governor confirms 3 and 5-year-old are among victims of weekend stormFrom CNN’s Gregory Lemos

The governor of Kentucky confirmed a 3-year-old and 5-year-old are among the victims of this weekend’s deadly storms.

“I know we’ve lost a number of kids,” Gov. Andy Beshear said Sunday on CBS “Face the Nation.” “This tornado didn’t discriminate. Anybody in its path, even if they were trying to be safe, again, just like nothing we’ve ever seen before.”Beshear said the 3-year-old lived in Graves County and the five-year-old in Muhlenberg County.

The state has opened its state parks as well as 11 shelters to impacted residents. The governor said only six shelters remain open as Kentuckians house family and strangers, in some cases. 

Beshear reiterated the storm caused “massive damage” and “devastation like none of us have ever seen before.” 

“When this tornado hit, it didn’t just rip off a roof. It obliterated houses, just totally gone,” he said.

Beshear said a fund has been set up for impacted residents in the western part of the state as rebuilding efforts commence.

2 hr 13 min agoAmazon employees were given an 11-minute warning before tornado ripped through warehouseFrom CNN’s Gregory Lemos

Recovery operations continue on Sunday, December 12, after the partial collapse of an Amazon Fulfillment Center in Edwardsville, Illinois. (Tim Vizer/AFP/Getty Images)A tornado warning siren sounded 11 minutes prior to a powerful storm ripping through an Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois, on Friday, according to a company representative. 

“Managers were on the loudspeakers telling people to get to the shelter-in-place area. They were also being guided by other managers and other employees who were trying to get everybody to that safe location,” Amazon spokesperson Kelly Nantel told CNN affiliate KSDK Sunday morning.She said employees sheltered in two different unspecified safe areas.

Nantel said dispatchers also contacted Amazon delivery drivers in the area as well and told them to shelter-in-place.

Six people were killed at the facility as a result of the tornado, CNN previously reported.

The company is donating one million dollars to a local foundation for recovery efforts in the local community, Nantel said.

“It’s really important to us as a company that we take care of not just our employees but our employees who lost their loved ones in this tragic event – their families as well as the community as a whole,” Nantel said.

Nantel said the company is working with both employees and the families who lost loved ones, “because we want to understand what they need as well.”

2 hr 22 min agoArkansas governor says it’s “a miracle” only one nursing home resident died from the stormsFrom CNN’s Gregory Lemos

This Saturday, December 11 satellite photo provided by Maxar shows a close-up view of Monette Manor Nursing Home and other homes after a tor

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Kentucky governor says he fears some morgues ‘aren’t big enough’ to handle the loss of life

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