33 Gifts Perfect For The Person Still Working From Home

33 Gifts Perfect For The Person Still Working From Home

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Looking for the best products to gift — and to get — this holiday season? Check out Underscored’s Holiday Guide here.

If you know someone still working from home (or if you yourself are still taking calls from bed), this holiday season is the perfect time to upgrade their setup so they can be more productive in their home office.

Below, we’ve gathered 33 of our favorite gifts for people who are still working from home, from the best work-from-home earbuds we’ve ever tested to cute desk decor and more.

Earbuds are a WFH essential, and if you’re looking for a high-quality pair that won’t break the bank, these EarFun Air are the ones to go with. They’re so good, we named them the best budget earbuds of 2021.

If you have some extra cash to spare, however, you won’t be disappointed with our pick for the best earbuds for working from home, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Their noise cancellation is top of class, they have excellent sound quality and they were the most comfortable earbuds we’ve ever worn.

Staying caffeinated throughout the workday is vital to staying productive. But if you’re getting up every hour to reheat your coffee in the microwave, you’re seriously messing up. The Ember Mug 2 has a little heater built in so your morning brew won’t get cold before lunchtime.

Keep all your gadgets charged with this 3-in-1 charging station perfect for your phone, smartwatch and earbuds.

Staying organized is super important when working from home, so if you don’t have a planner for next year yet, now’s the time to snag one. We love Rifle Paper Co.’s gorgeous designs, and right now you can get this softcover spiral planner for 40% off with code EXTRA40.

Flexispot Standing Desk Converter (starting at $109.99; amazon.com) If you’re working at the same desk every day, it’s easy to fall into a rut and become less productive. That’s why this standing desk converter from Flexispot is a great way to change up your workspace so you can stay motivated.

If you haven’t upgraded your chair yet, your back is probably in dire need of some support. Check out this office chair, which we rated as one of the best in 2021.

Working at the computer all day can bring with it some hand and wrist pain. Help ease some of that discomfort with this small wooden hand roller.

Have tons of deadlines to keep track of? Stay on track with this pretty desk calendar from Rifle Paper Co.

To help alleviate hand or wrist pain, try using an ergonomic keyboard. This one from Logitech is our pick for the best of 2021, thanks to its phenomenally comfortable design.

Whether you have an external monitor you like to use or just want a sleek spot to store your laptop at the end of the workday, this laptop stand is the perfect addition to your home desk.

If you like moving from your desk to the couch to even your bed throughout the workday, you need an adjustable lap desk. This one from Mind Reader is cheap, has comfortable cushions on the bottom and adjusts to eight different angles.

Fat bear week may be over, but you can still celebrate with this adorable chubby bear pencil holder.

Bring an elevated look to your desk with this wireless charging pad from Courant. With space to charge one of your gadgets along with a large area to keep your other daily essentials, the gorgeous charger is covered in linen, but you can upgrade to the classic version that features Italian-sourced leather for $75 more.

An ergonomic mouse can be a game changer if you experience any hand or wrist pain. This one from Logitech was our pick as the best of 2021 and allows you to quickly, comfortably and accurately get all your tasks done.

If you’re not lucky enough to get natural light in your home office and your video background looks as dark as a dungeon, consider picking up this ring light. Our pick as the best ring light of 2021, it will help you look your best for all those online meetings.

We’ve all had someone accidentally walk in on a video conference or meeting. Ensure it never happens again with this convenient privacy sign you can stick on your office door.

Adding a mouse pad to your desk can really bring the whole space together. This leather option off of Etsy can be personalized and is available in nine hues of leather.

If you want the best of the best in the headphone game, you can’t go wrong with the Sony WH-1000XM4. Winner of our best over-ear headphones and best noise-canceling headphones, they truly are one of our favorite pairs, thanks to their stellar noise cancelation and top-of-the-line sound quality.

Today Now Later Desk File Sorter ($78; anthropologie.com) Keep your important documents and work essentials organized with this stylish sorter from Anthropologie. Its separate sections feature “Today,” “Now” and “Later” labels so you know what you need to tackle first.

If you like to have a can of soda or a little snack nearby, this boba tea-shaped mini fridge is going to be your new best friend.

For the coffee fiend who’s still working from home, nothing’s better than a cup of cold brew for that early afternoon pick-me-up. Stay stocked up with this cold brew maker from Hario, our pick for the best of 2021.

A coffee subscription is another way to bring some excitement to the work-from-home routine. With Atlas Coffee Club, they’ll get to try a new coffee from around the world every single month. We love the service and always have it on our holiday gift list.

The winter time can be rough, especially if you don’t go outside when you’re working from home. Get the mood boost you need with our favorite light therapy lamp, which blasts out 10,000 lux.

If your desk has become a never-ending pile of sticky notes, pens, chargers and other knickknacks, you need yourself a desk organizer. We love this one from Rifle Paper Co.

Add a smart plug to your home office setup so you can control your devices without leaving your desk. Whether it’s turning on your coffee machine for another cup, turning on your lights as the sun starts to go down or even flipping on the humidifier in the middle of the day, the possibilities are endless with this smart plug from Wyze.

If you like listening to tunes while you work, there’s no better way to listen out loud than with a smart speaker. Easily change songs, adjust volume and perform tons of other tasks with just your voice.

Don’t ever let your phone lose juice with our pick for the best portable charger of 2021, the Anker PowerCore 13000. You probably have a lot of gadgets to charge at your desk, which is why having a portable charger like this one can help alleviate your outlet shortage.

If you need a little bit more light later in the workday, there’s no cuter way to illuminate your work than with this dumpling light from Smoko. If dumplings aren’t your thing, no worries — there’s also a version with a potato in a spaceship.

Don’t be the person with the poor sound quality on your next video call. With our pick for the best computer microphone of 2021, you’ll sound crystal clear in all your digital meetings.

Your glasses need a place to rest on your desk too, and this holder does the job while giving your workspace a little comedic flair.

We all need an extra charging cable. But this year, don’t settle for the cheap ones that are bound to break. Instead, try our pick for the best Lightning cable of 2021, the Anker Powerline II.

If your computer’s camera just isn’t doing the job for all your online meetings, check out our favorite webcam, the Logitech C920S Pro. It will give you excellent picture quality in both bright and dim environments, all while costing a lot less than comparable competitors.

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