We Tested Dozens Of Products In November: Here Are 21 We Loved

We Tested Dozens Of Products In November: Here Are 21 We Loved

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In November, we were introduced to a plethora of products from skin care essentials to Advent calendars. Some were forgettable, while others left a lasting impression. Because we’re committed to spotlighting the best products out there, we’ve decided to curate roundups of our favorite products we try each month.

So, what were those products we loved in November? Keep reading to check out the products we tested and couldn’t get enough of, or look back at our October favorites too.

CNNBeats Fit Pro

The Beats Fit Pro are the AirPods that I’ve been waiting for Apple to make. These buds offer all of the AirPods Pro’s key features — including active noise cancellation and a Transparency mode — within a design that’s more secure and comfortable. And unlike the AirPods, the Fit Pro actually offer a few color options, including the gorgeous Stone Purple variation I’ve been rocking. Did I mention they’re $50 cheaper? I haven’t put the Fit Pro down since they first arrived at my door, and after jumping between the AirPods Pro and various Jabra options over the past year, my quest to find the perfect earbuds just might be over. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

Solo Stove Bonfire + Stand in Elemental Color Series ($349.99, originally $439.99; solostove.com) CNNSolo Stove Bonfire + Stand in Elemental Color Series

I got a first look at Solo Stove’s new Elemental Color Series. This is the first time the brand has offered a color coating on any of its products. The deep blue hue of this Water-colored Bonfire Solo Stove blends seamlessly into the backyard! The Elemental Color Bonfire stoves are estimated to start shipping on Nov. 29. — Rosanne Salvatore, deputy editor

CNNGreat Jones Dutch Baby

I’ve had Great Jones bakeware for about a year now and absolutely love the way they bake and the way they look. So when Great Jones recently unveiled its 3.5-quart mini Dutch oven, I just had to try it. I cooked a squash soup in it the other day for a Friendsgiving, and not only was it a breeze to cook in, but it was truly the showstopper in our potluck-style spread. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

Madewell The Perfect Vintage Jean: Instacozy Edition ($135; madewell.com) CNNMadewell The Perfect Vintage Jean: Instacozy Edition

I was already a major devotee of Madewell jeans, but the brand’s new Instacozy line is my new go-to for colder weather. The denim is woven with wool for a bit of added warmth — which I absolutely need now that temps are dropping in New York — and this Perfect Vintage high-rise, straight-leg style is almost too cool. — Chelsea Stone, commerce editor

CNNHarry’s Nourishing Skin Care Essentials

Now that I’m in my 30s, I’ve been thinking more about how to take care of my skin, and as a die-hard fan of everything Harry’s makes, I was thrilled when the brand debuted its new face care line a few months ago. In addition to the brand’s Freshening Face Toner ($8; harrys.com), I’ve been using its Nourishing Skin Care Essentials bundle every day and night — which includes Daily Face Lotion, Hydrating Night Lotion and Brightening Eye Cream — and my skin has never felt better. I typically hate adding new to-dos to my daily routine, but I genuinely look forward to mornings and nights now when I get to apply my toner and lotions. — Daniel Toy, copy editor

CNNRituals Advent Calendar

I had a blast setting up my Rituals Advent calendar, complete with twinkle lights and 24 beauty products. I can’t wait to open a new package every day in December and be treated to mini candles and bath and body favorites. — Rosanne Salvatore, deputy editor

Madewell Matte Travel Candle, Après Ski ($10; madewell.com) CNNMadewell Matte Travel Candle, Après Ski

I didn’t really know that travel candles were a thing; I just burn this little guy in my house. But, wow, it smells incredible. If you’re looking for the perfect winter scent to fill your home with — think: cinnamon with orange and spearmint sprigs — this is it. — Chelsea Stone, commerce editor

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks ($25; wanderbeauty.com) CNNWander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks

Ever since I’ve been introduced to Wander Beauty’s cult-favorite under-eye masks, they’ve become an essential part of my skin care routine. The gold foil masks, which are just as pretty as they are effective, visibly brighten, hydrate and reduce puffiness and even fine lines — almost instantly. They’re suitable for all skin types, and in my opinion, they’re the most perfect holiday stocking stuffer. (Hint, hint!) — Stephanie Griffin, social media strategist

Summer Fridays Soft Vanilla Candle ($27, originally 36; sephora.com) CNNSummer Fridays Soft Vanilla Candle

I am candle-obsessed to the point where I probably have 35-plus candles in my apartment at any given time, so when I tell you that this is my favorite candle of all time, it’s saying a lot. I am always a fan of warm, vanilla scents, but this soft vanilla candle from Summer Fridays simply smells better than any candle I’ve ever owned. It is comforting and vanilla-y without being overpowering or cloying, and the second I started burning it I knew I was in love. — Hayley Saltzman, head of social

CNNHerbal Zen Shower Steamers

Feeling a little extra holiday stress this year? Start your day with an Herbal Zen shower steamer to get that extra boost of essential oils and calm every day this December. I was pleasantly surprised to find the scent of these steamers to be both subtle and relaxing. The variety pack comes with different flavors depending on your mood, from energy-boosting scents to morning citrus mint. — Rosanne Salvatore, deputy editor

CNNAwe Inspired, The Perfect Necklace Layering Set

If you’re looking for a beautiful gift that also gives back, I cannot say enough good things about the pieces from Awe Inspired. The jewelry brand contributes 20% of all proceeds to charity partners, and there are so many versatile pieces that you’ll likely find something for everyone’s taste. I am a big fan of this layering set, which takes the guesswork out of trying to artfully layer necklaces by showing you exactly how to do it. I love the different textures of these pieces together — they’re simple enough for daily wear but trendy enough to be interesting. — Hayley Saltzman, head of social

CNNBeis Regulation Pet Carry-On

My dog hates being put in a carrying case, which makes life difficult when it’s time to travel to see family. When we put him in this carry-on by Beis, however, he seemed a lot more comfortable than usual, and he actually lay down during a recent train ride to my parents’ house without whining. Not only is this bag TSA approved and compliant with airline regulations, it comes with a super-soft plush pad on the bottom to keep your pet comfortable. It’s also just a really attractive carrying case, and the beige color is incredibly stylish. — Kristin Magaldi, associate editor

CNNState Travel Pouch Set

If you’re reading this, this is your sign to upgrade your travel accessories! I recently replaced my 10-plus-year-old Vera Bradley travel pouch — which was ripped beyond repair — with this travel pouch set from State, and now I am even more excited to travel over the holidays. The set features three zip-around pouches and comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large. The satin material is absolutely gorgeous IRL and each one will undoubtedly keep all of my products — from jewelry to skin care — organized *and* looking cute. — Stephanie Griffin, social media strategist

CNNLovesac Footsac Blanket

They did it. Lovesac has solved the seemingly impossible problem of cold feet peeking out from under a throw blanket. This innovative Footsac has a built-in pocket at the bottom that you can slide your feet into to keep them toasty and wrapped up in cozy blankety warmth. All hail Footsac. — Chelsea Stone, commerce editor

CNNLesse Refining Cleanser

I’ve been using this refining cleanser from Lesse for almost a month now, and I’ve noticed that it has made my skin softer and brighter. I’m not normally a fan of physical exfoliants, but this cleanser’s gentle scrubbing sensation has won me over. It has a light, pleasant scent and texture, and it leaves me feeling refreshed after every use. I’ve noticed that my skin feels better after use, and while the tube looks small, I’ve learned quickly that a little cleanser goes a long way. I’ll definitely continue using this as we head into the dryer winter months, and hoping that it helps prevent the usual flaky skin I experience every year. — Hayley Saltzman, head of social

CNNBeyond Scrunchie Silk Scrunchies

This silk scrunchie and the matching pillowcase are the only products that stop my hair from breaking and the pillow prevents bedhead in the morning. They also come in matching sets so they’re just cute! — Hannah Lauson, TikTok strategist

CNNYina Divine Bio-Cellulose Mask

As the season changes, so does my skin, and that means I need to take the extra TLC and change up my products to make sure my skin stays moisturized in this chilly climate. I can say that this mask by Yina has become one of my fall go-to products. I feel like I’m at the spa when I place the mask on my face, and the results are undeniable. My skin feels plump and soft. I layer my moisturizer on top and my skin stays hydrated and glowing the entire day. — Sarai Thompson, social media coordinator

Colorful Standard Merino Wool Hat ($50; colorfulstandard.com) CNNColorful Standard Merino Wool Hat

If you’re going to invest in new pieces for your winter wardrobe this year, make this one of them. The Colorful Standard Merino Wool Hat is made from 100% recycled extra-fine merino wool and has kept me extra warm and cozy on even the coldest of days this fall. Not to mention, the beanie is soft to the touch, and the ivory color looks super

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We tested dozens of products in November: Here are 21 we loved

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