Amazon Echo Show 15: Everything You Need To Know And How To Preorder

Amazon Echo Show 15: Everything You Need To Know And How To Preorder

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AMAZON The Echo Show 15 may be the latest smart display from Amazon, yet this product is unlike any previous model to date. Though it still shares the company’s familiar moniker, the new Echo Show 15 doesn’t sit on a desk or a counter like its predecessors. Instead, it is destined for the wall, hung like a piece of art or a TV.

Formally announced at Amazon’s fall launch event, you can now preorder it for $249.99, though it won’t start shipping until Dec. 9.

An Alexa smart display for your wall

Amazon’s Echo Show 15 supersizes the working Alexa smart display formula with a 15.6-inch screen that can be hung on a wall. And it aims to do a whole lot more — like stream content, act as a digital whiteboard with customizable widgets and generally take over as a super-smart home panel. We imagine it’ll work best in the more public spaces of your home, like a front entryway or kitchen.

The obvious difference with the Show 15 is that it’s designed to be hung on a wall. And though it can be placed in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, the main focus is its 15.6-inch 1080p display with anti-glare coating. This substantially larger screen real estate, paired with a border and a frame, makes it more akin to a digital picture frame or Samsung Frame TV than your average smart device.

Once you’ve decided where and how to place it, you’ll notice the Echo Show’s interface is both touch- and voice-compatible. Amazon also lets you further customize it, allowing you to choose from local widgets like a shopping list, smart home control and sticky notes, or even apps from third parties. With two sizes of widgets, you can design and stick with the layout that works best for you. Better yet, if you have a Ring Doorbell or a Blink Camera, motion alerts can show up as picture-in-picture on the generous screen.

It’s here that the Show 15 can almost feel like a smart home control panel crossed with a digital whiteboard. Essentially, it’s a grid system that will let you place elements into a block. Amazon is also launching a shared family calendar, which will be a helpful centerpiece out of the box.

AMAZON And, to further personalize the device depending on who is using it, the Echo Show 15 will also come with something called Visual ID. Though optional, enabling this feature allows the Show 15’s camera to scan your face and learn to recognize it, then change the interface to one that matches your preferences, customizing the Alexa responses to your queries. Visual ID is not exclusive to the Show 15 and will be rolling out to other Echo Show devices soon. Similarly, the updated user interface will also arrive on othe

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Amazon Echo Show 15: Everything you need to know and how to preorder

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