25 Gifts For Dog Lovers, Cat Lovers And All Pet Parents

25 Gifts For Dog Lovers, Cat Lovers And All Pet Parents

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Looking for the best products to gift — and to get — this holiday season? Check out Underscored’s Holiday Guide here.

Sure, you want to make sure you have the best gifts for your mom, dad and best friends, but there’s something even greater about finding the perfect gift for a pet — or someone who really, really loves them. Because we know plenty of pets and people like that, we rounded up 25 ideas that’ll make them purr, bark and hey, maybe even cry.

MaxboneChristian Cowan x Maxbone Jumper

A statement jumper for the pooch who’s just a little bit extra? Yes, for the love of all things holy, yes! It also comes in lavender and powder blue.

Wild OneWild One Harness Walk Kit

If you follow anyone on Instagram who has a dog, there’s a good chance you’ve seen this adorable and ultra-chic harness and leash set. Available in colors like sunshine yellow, lilac, blush pink, vibrant green and more, you can really customize the set to your dog’s vibe. We also love the coordinating poop bag carrier.

WalmartChuckit! Rebounce Ball

Made of recycled rubber, these tough balls will provide hours of backyard or park bonding time between parent and pup. They’re conveniently packaged in a pair, so you have a spare if (or when, more likely) one goes missing.

AmazonLittle Dove Pet Teepee

Just picture this under your tree! It’s such an adorable, unique doggie hangout. The chalkboard is included, so you can personalize their new pad.

AmazonHaute Diggity Dog Woof Clicquot Rosé Dog Toy

Cheers to being the best pup parent! This hysterical soft toy will have your doggo, as well as your holiday guests, entertained all season.

Wild OneWild One Bowl Kit

Available in colors like lilac and spruce green, these modern dog dishes can be customized with up to 26 characters (and even some emojis). Even better: They’re dishwasher-safe.

PetsmartBark Grouchy Slouchy Grinch Costume

If your doggo is less the fashionista and more the comedian, here’s the perfect holiday outfit for them. Apparently his heart really did grow three sizes that day, because who knew the Grinch could be so funny and sweet?

Hella Cool Dog Co Dog Mama Headband and Dog Bandana Set (starting at $18; etsy.com) EtsyHella Cool Dog Co Dog Mama Headband and Dog Bandana Set

Major twinning opportunity here: Match your dog’s bandana to your headband and prepare for the compliments. Both are handmade of cotton in California and come in scads of prints to pick from.

Merry & Bright Extra-Large Plush Dog Bone ($9.99; petsmart.com) PetsmartMerry & Bright Extra-Large Plush Dog Bone

Does your heart belong to a big ol’ woofer? Show them the love with this oversized smiley, squeaky bone. It’s festooned with a red bow and the words “Santa’s a dog person.” Obviously.

Casper Dog Bed (starting at $125.10, originally starting at $139; casper.com) CasperCasper Dog Bed

Yes, it’s a little pricey, but it’s the gold standard in dog beds. Doesn’t your devoted buddy deserve a comfortable, supportive mattress like yours? It’s made by the same team behind human mattress extraordinaire Casper, so you know it’ll last and keep its shape.

Cat PersonCat Person Mesa Bowl

Want to upgrade a certain cat’s food and water bowls? You can’t get any more chic than these from Cat Person. The mat and bowl come in cool, contrasting colors and the bowl is elevated to help your cat keep from crouching and avoid whisker fatigue. We also really love the brand’s canopy bed.

Tuft + Paw Kip Cat Cushion ($99; tuftandpaw.com) Rachel Lubitz/CNNTuft + Paw Kip Cat Cushion

Speaking of an upgrade, this comfy cozy shearling bed is one of Tuft + Paw’s bestsellers, and we know why. The cat above is one owned by one of our editors and in less than 24 hours it became her routine napping spot. Lightweight, easy to clean and sleek enough to match any decor, it’s a winner.

AmazonAniac Christmas Cat Cloak

If your goal is to make your cat-adoring giftee smile while spending less than $15, congratulations.

Max & Milo Kitty Mug Gift ($29.99; harryanddavid.com) Harry & DavidMax & Milo Kitty Mug Gift

Stuffed with a burlap cat-shaped toy and a fuzzy mouse toy, plus cheesy cat treats, this fun mug is a gift for both a feline and their best friend. The best thing about it, though, is that a portion of the price goes to American Humane.

AmazonPetFusion Pet Step

Isn’t this clever? It triples as a cat window perch, bookshelf and storage unit. It’s an especially excellent idea for older (or chubbier) kitties who like lazing in a sunny window, but have trouble getting up there in one jump. (It also works nicely for small dogs.)

AmazonGood Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

Litter boxes can definitely spoil the look of your space. But check this out! Placed in a corner with the opening in the back, your cat can scoot in and out to do their business. And the design of this litter box disguised as a lush potted plant minimizes odor and dust. Check out more of our favorites here.

WalmartVibrant Life Sparkle Fish Cat Toy

That beloved feline will think this toy is everything. It’s stuffed with North American cat nip. It crinkles. It shimmers and shines. And it is small and light enough to be easily carried and batted around.

ChewyChewy Goody Box Holiday Cat Toys, Treats & Blanket

Can’t decide which kitty gift to get? You don’t have to. Make things easy on yourself (and make that precious puss gleeful) by ordering up this nine-item gift box. It includes toys, treats, a soft blanket and even a holiday banner for fun photos.

Amazon”The Dogs: Human Animals” by Vincent Lagrange

Photographer Vincent Lagrange captures the incredibly people-like personalities and expressions of canines in this hardcover volume. Any dog devotee will put it right on their coffee table the second they open it.

AmazonNeato Robotics D6 Laser-Guided Vacuum for Pet Hair

Pets bring happiness into our lives. They also bring fur and dirt. For that pet parent on your list who deserves a special gift this year, consider this killer vacuum. It fits itself into corners and under the couch, navigating strategically instead of just bouncing around like other robot vacuums. Voice control through Alexa is available.

ChewyFur Mama Stemless Wine Glass

Certainly, the loving mom of a fur baby deserves a glass of her favorite tipple this season. This pretty vessel is an awesome, budget-friendly present for her. It holds 20 ounces, a generous pour indeed.

AnimalistAnimalist Portrait

These minimalist works of modern art will look amazing in any home. You can choose a dog or cat’s breed from more than 200 options, then customize the heavyweight poster in color, design, size and pet’s name.

West & Willow Custom Pet Portrait (starting at $65; westandwillow.com) West & WillowWest & Willow Custom Pet Portrait

Want a pet portrait that’s a little more realistic? Just send in a few pictures of your pet and West & Willow sends back a digital portrait (which they can frame for you). You can even pick the backdrop and font. One Underscored editor got to try out this service and was blown away at how quick (and strikingly accurate) the piece was.

’Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed (And Other Heartwarming Letters from Kitty)’ by Jeremy Greenberg ($8.94; chewy.com) Chewy”Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed (And Other Heartwarming Letters from Kitty)” by Jeremy Greenberg

Look to this winning gift for the cat parent in your life. This collection of letters from cats was put together by a professional comedi

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25 gifts for dog lovers, cat lovers and all pet parents

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