This Board Game Will Have You Solving Murders

This Board Game Will Have You Solving Murders

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Who hasn’t fantasized now and again about solving a mystery or being a renegade detective who takes a stone-cold killer off the streets using only wits, moxie and a stylishly angled fedora?

But the part about risking your life and having to fill out reams of real-life paperwork after you close the case? Most of us don’t exactly dream about that quite so much.

The immersive party game Hunt A Killer lets you live out your fantasies of being a TV or movie detective — without the danger or drudge work. It’s the perfect way to spend the colder months indoors with friends, whether it’s the centerpiece to a Friday-night-in, an excuse to get out of doing dishes during holiday time with the family, or an opportunity to avoid playing another round of the same typical board game you always play.

And TV detectives versus movie detectives is the perfect way to describe how it works.

You can sign up for a subscription Hunt A Killer game that comes in regular installments — think of it as episodes of your favorite show about investigators tracking down evil murderers. Over the course of several episodes, your team of crack sleuths (or you by yourself, if you’re more a Continental Op type) have to sift through the clues in each installment before you can gather enough evidence to take down a potential criminal mastermind. There’s a victory for you to uncover in every box — if you’re smart and determined enough — as well as real, physical clues that Hunt A Killer has put together for you. We’re talking newspaper clippings, matchbooks, photos, love letters, playbills and more, all of which could be red herrings or could point you toward the truth.

Or, if becoming both fan and star of your own regular crime series is too much of a commitment at first, you could take on a Premium Case box set, which is more like a self-c

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This Board Game Will Have You Solving Murders

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