Sleep In Total Darkness (And Comfort) With Ostrichpillow’s New Sleep Mask

Sleep In Total Darkness (And Comfort) With Ostrichpillow’s New Sleep Mask

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OstrichpillowOstrichpillow Eye Mask

As a devotee of sleep masks for many years (but not a brand loyal one — having relied on the free masks collected over time from overnight flights), I was thrilled to test a thoughtfully designed, higher-level eye mask: the Ostrichpillow 3D Ergonomic Eye Mask.

Ostrichpillow, which is perhaps best known for its squidlike (and frankly, meme-worthy) Napping Pillow, calls its eye mask the “first truly 3D ergonomic eye mask,” with a design adaptable to the three-dimensional features of the face, claiming to fit perfectly on all head sizes and face types.

While we can’t speak specifically to those claims, as just one individual tested this specific sleep mask, Underscored did thoroughly test sleep masks this past spring, including several others that offer a versatile, inclusive fit. But the claims that the Ostrichpillow mask provides a 100% blackout sleep experience in total comfort, we can indeed confirm.

The Ostrichpillow Eye Mask is made with six different layers of “high-quality materials” (not fully articulated on the site description), but it feels cottony-foamy, soft and deeply comfortable. When we first tried on the mask — never having worn a full blackout sleep mask before — we were almost startled at how a bedroom in full daylight turned instantly dark. The six layers create a light barrier that’s significantly thick but also quite light and portable.

The mask felt softly but securely suctioned to the face, leaving no gaps in the material for any light to sneak in. A secure Velcro closure around the back of the head allows for adapting the snugness of fit, and even at a looser positioning around the head, the mask still clung to the face and blocked light. At the same time, the mask felt breathable and not at all obstructive.

OstrichpillowOstrichpillow Eye Mask

Sleeping in the Ostrichpillow Eye Mask, on our backs or our sides, was the stuff of dreams. We slept in total darkness peacefully, and even if we had to get up in the middle of the night, it was simple to remove the mask and reapply it without much fumbling.

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Sleep in total darkness (and comfort) with Ostrichpillow’s new sleep mask

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