20 Spooky Costumes And Decorations At Spirit Halloween We’re Obsessed With

20 Spooky Costumes And Decorations At Spirit Halloween We’re Obsessed With

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Spirit Halloween is The Place for all things Halloween. It’s got costumes, it’s got animatronic figures, it’s got string lights and pathway lights and LED lights that project tiny spiders onto your home. Truly, Spirit Halloween has it all.

When we say “all” we truly mean “all” — the breadth of Spirit Halloween’s inventory can be overwhelming, and treasures are easy to miss among the fake cobwebs. So we combed through the entire store, leaving no (grave)stone unturned, to find the 20 spookiest, creepiest and downright scary things at Spirit Halloween, from costumes and makeup to lighting and decorations.

Adult Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Bag Costume ($39.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenAdult Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Bag Costume

The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Bag costume takes everyone’s favorite super-spicy snack and turns it into a dashing outfit. Spirit Halloween has a whole section devoted to Cheetos, which the snack enthusiast in your life will want to know about.


Adult Dunkin’ Cold Brew Costume ($39.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenAdult Dunkin’ Cold Brew Costume

While it may not be everyone’s favorite coffee, the iced coffee from Dunkin’ holds a certain amount of caché for a very specific type of person. Dunkin’ lovers will be so excited to dress up as this iconic drink for Halloween, and creative types looking for couples costume inspiration will appreciate this free idea: Buy a Red Sox cap and Boston pride tee so one half can dress as Ben Affleck and the other can dress as his beloved Dunks iced coffee.

Check out the full Dunkin’ collection (fit for the whole family) here.


Baby Faux Fur Lil’ Raccoon Costume ($24.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenBaby Faux Fur Lil’ Raccoon Costume

Spirit Halloween isn’t just for adults; it also offers loads of infant, toddler and kids’ costumes. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but this Lil’ Racoon costume for babies is so cute we could melt.


Kids’ Peacock Costume ($89.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenKids Peacock Costume

It’s a little on the pricey side, to be sure, but this kids’ peacock costume is beautiful. The set comes with a dress, feathered back piece and headband; the back piece attaches to the dress with Velcro strip, allowing you to remove it if it becomes annoying or irritating to your little peacock.


Pajama Costumes (starting at $29.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenPajama Costumes

Pajama costumes solve two major Halloween costume problems: They are comfortable, and they are warm. If you’re over spending the entire night hobbling around in painful high heels or adjusting a heavy, bulky costume, a onesie-style costume will be a welcome relief. And if you know you’ll be outdoors in the cold, these PJ costumes will keep you from catching a chill.


Adult Box of Wine Costume ($39.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenAdult Box Of Wine Costume

The wine lover in your life needs to know about this box of wine costume. Why? Because it is an absolutely hilarious costume, and that’s more than enough to make it one of the best things we found at Spirit Halloween!

Vampire Nails ($6.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenVampire Nails

There are plenty of ways to show your Halloween spirit without sporting a full costume. Press-on nails, which have come a long way since the ’80s, are a great way to add a bit of spooky flair to your look.


Black Spider Lace Hand Chain ($6.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenBlack Spider Lace Hand Chain

Accessories for the hands don’t just stop at fanciful nails — hand chains are a striking way to gussy up your paws. We love the high gothic vibe of this Victorian-inspired hand chain designed to look like a spiderweb.


Sequin Pineapple Bra ($21.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenSequin Pineapple Bra

Macabre motifs aren’t the only way to go on Halloween, of course — there are loads of brightly colored, high-spirited costumes and accessories to choose from. We love the pizzazz of this sequined pineapple bra, with its exuberant fronds flocking the shoulders, so much that we would consider wearing it for a day at the beach!


Adult Leopard Hooded Poncho ($34.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenAdult Leopard Hooded Poncho

Hooded ponchos are a great way to show your Halloween spirit without going full dress-up. They’re also a great choice for the person who’s on trick-or-treat duty because they’re easy to slip on over street clothes for an instant costume, and they’ll keep you warm when you open the front door to greet little witches and goblins.


Avocado Hat ($12.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenAvocado Hat

Look, this avocado hat is just plain funny, and that’s good enough for us!


Roman Bendable Snake Headband ($9.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenRoman Bendable Snake Headband

Fanciful headwear is honestly irresistible at any time of the year, but Halloween provides the perfect excuse to invest in some ornamentation for your luscious locks. The best part about this Roman snake headband is that when you’re not sporting it to complete a toga ensemble, you can put it on to freak out the ophidiophobic person in your life.

Fogging Skull Pile ($79.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenFogging Skull Pile

This fogging skull pile is basically four effects in one. You’ve got the pile of skulls, the lights that illuminate the eye sockets, haunting sounds that emit from the skulls and, of course, the fog. Oh? You’d like your fog to be scented? Well, sure, Spirit Halloween has got you covered: Would you prefer the Mildew Fog Scent ($4.99) or the Pumpkin Spice Fog Scent ($4.99)?


10-Foot Light-Up Green Spiderweb ($29.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit Halloween10-Foot Light-Up Green Spiderweb

A giant glowing spiderweb is perfect for people who love the look of exterior holiday lights but don’t want all the work that goes with stringing them up.


Whirl-A-Motion LED Green Spiders Projection Spotlight ($24.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenWhirl-A-Motion LED Green Spiders Projection Spot Light

If you’re going to go big and install a giant cobweb over your entryway, why not go even bigger and project a clutter of spiders onto the front of the house too? This LED projector will cast green spiders on any surface, and is designed for both indoor or outdoor use.


LED Creepy Lantern Pathway Markers ($32.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenLED Creepy Lantern Pathway Markers

Illuminated pathway markers aren’t just decorative — they also serve an important function by adding more light to create a safer walkway for ghosts and goblins of all ages. This set of three purple and black lanterns features a spiderweb and spider motif that will light up your walkway in the spookiest fashion.


Mystic Arts Crystal Trinket Dish ($16.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenMystic Arts Crystal Trinket Dish

Turn small spaces into your home into Halloween hidey-holes by adding mystical touches to your decor. This geode crystal-effect trinket dish can be used on a tablescape or in a powder room to hold a bar of guest soap.


Goldtone Tarot Candle Holders, 2-Pack ($14.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenGoldtone Tarot Candle Holders, 2-Pack

Votive candle holders are another way to add a big splash of Halloween flair to a small space. If you’ll be lighting up the votives in a space that will be largely unattended, like a guest bathroom, opt for flameless votive candles rather than the wax version to prevent a fire.


Ouija Board Party Pack ($19.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenOuija Board Party Pack

This ouija board party set includes two sets of premium paper plates, two sets of paper napkins and a set of premium paper cups featuring the unmistakable Ouija board motif. These are perfect for a casual Halloween gathering at home or for wrapping up homemade treats to share with friends and family.


Damask Gothic Noir Pillar Candle ($9.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit HalloweenDamask Gothic Noir Pillar Candle

To be honest, more than a few of us would display this luxe-looking black-and-red gothic-style pillar candle year-round. These are a great addition to a spooky mantlepiece display or to light up a Halloween-themed dinner party table.


6-Foot Grim Animatronic ($279.99; spirithalloween.com)

Spirit Halloween6 Ft. Grim Animatronic

It’s not the most expensive animatronic item Spirit Halloween offers — that would be the 7.5-Foot Demogorgon Static Prop Decoration, which costs a cool $1,299.99 and which is sadly sold out (who is buying this thing, please show yourself, we must know) — but this 6-foot skeleton takes last year’s giant skeleton trend up a notch by adding movement and sound to the pile of bones.

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