8 Luxury Linens That’ll Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Hotel

8 Luxury Linens That’ll Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Hotel

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By now, you probably already know just how easy it is for your sleep schedule to get compromised. Whatever it is — whether you’re pulling all-nighters for work or waking up earlier than usual for a morning workout — life always seems to get in the way of you and your beauty sleep.

Simple swaps, however, can help you make the most of your time in bed. Take your linens, for example. Investing in luxury linens can help you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night, leaving you less prone to overheating and waking up in the middle of the night. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re a cold sleeper, the right duvets and sheets can keep you warm and cozy.

It’s a relatively straightforward investment that could help you reap big benefits.

Of course, high-quality linens don’t come cheap. To help you navigate which brands are actually worth their price tags, our team reviewed different brands individually and part of our testing story that found the best linen sheets of 2021. Ahead, find out our top picks and whether they fit your sleeping style.


One top contender that’s Oeko-Tex certified and is a solid cotton sheet for both warm and cold sleepers is Brooklinen’s Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle (starting at $240; brooklinen.com). Brooklinen is a direct-to-consumer brand that delivers high-quality sheets with a reasonable price tag. It focuses on the small aspects of the production process that ultimately create sheets that are soft and can stand the test of time. For instance, Brooklinen utilizes long cotton fibers, which retain the fabric’s strength and softness. Meticulous weaving gives its sheets their signature texture.

Our editors recently tested the Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle and quickly realized the sheets were a game-changer for both warm and cold sleepers. Available in a number of colors, this premium 480 thread-count set feels smooth to the touch and doesn’t overheat you while you sleep. It came as no surprise to us that it’s a bestseller on the site, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from more than 76,900 customers.

As for the brand’s duvets, we were equally impressed. The handmade all-season down comforter got 5-star ratings from over 1,500 satisfied customers. As our tester noted, “It’s so fluffy (and lightweight), you’ll totally feel like you’re sleeping in a hotel while you slumber.”

We tested Brooklinen’s Linen Core Sheet Set head to head with other sheets when we found the best linen sheets of 2021. They impressed us so much that they were our pick for the softest linen sheets. They were supremely soft right out of the package, creating an enveloping and dreamy sleep experience perfect for anyone who tends to sleep hot.

Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch is a direct-to-consumer brand that specializes in a chemical-free supply chain. Its GOTS certification — which ensures that dangerous chemicals and dye runoff don’t affect farming and local populations or contaminate water systems — is a testament to this. Eco-conscious shoppers can rest easy knowing that throughout the entire life cycle of the sheets, extra steps are taken to ensure the product is pure and chemical-free.

The company’s bread and butter is its luxurious cotton sheets (although it also sells a number of cozy essentials including towels, throws, pillows and duvets). These come in a number of colors and sizes, and the sheet sets start at $200.

When we tested out Boll and Branch’s sheets, we were impressed by the color and overall style. The fit was great on a bed that had both a thick mattress and a topper. The sheets were a little stiff at first but got softer after each wash, making them hold up in the long run. Our tester considers herself a relatively warm sleeper, and thought the sheets were comfortable and not too cold. She noted that “I find they aren’t super cold, so when I slide into bed, they aren’t a shock to my system (as I don’t like cool sheets). They’re a solid middle-ground; I’m not too cold, but I also don’t sweat because of them either.”

If you find yourself in the same predicament, and need sheets that are not too hot and not too cold, we recommend the Hemmed Sheet Set (starting at $160; bollandbranch.com), which is our favorite, as well as the site’s most popular offering.


For cold sleepers, consider investing in linen instead of cotton. Linen is known for its moisture-wicking properties, so you’ll stay dry (while still feeling warm) throughout the year. For those prone to overheating at night, linen is great at regulating temperature and keeping the bedding as breathable as possible. Linen sheets are good for those who don’t mind a bit more lax look to their bedrooms, as they do tend to wrinkle.

When our resident cold sleeper tested linen sheets, Parachute’s Linen Venice Bedding Set (starting at $359; parachutehome.com) came out on top. Parachute also takes its organic production process seriously. The brand has gained an impressive Oeko-Tex certification, which means rigorous checks must be done while producing the sheets in order to ensure overall quality. It’s an even higher designation than organic. The Venice Bedding Sheet also gives back with every purchase to Nothing But Nets, an organization that donates life-saving malaria bed nets to those in need.

During our review, our tester was impressed by how cool the sheets felt for the duration of the night. She noted, “I tend to toss and turn a lot at night, and get very restless if I’m not completely cool. It’s why cotton sheets have been so fickle for me over the years. But when I switched over to this linen set, I’ve noticed a real increase in my sleeping quality. I feel cool throughout the night. The laid-back aesthetic of the sheet set also perfectly suits me; I’m not bothered by a wrinkle (or three) and think it adds a little more charm to my space.”

Parachute also produces sheets for all types of sleepers. It offers a Sateen Sheet Set (starting at $129; parachutehome.com) which is more silky and warm in addition to a Percale Sheet Set (starting at $109; parachutehome.com) which is characterized as crisp, all-weather bedding.

In separate testing, Parachute also came on top when we searched for the best linen sheets. The brand’s Linen Sheet Set (starting at $149; parachutehome.com) was luxurious to the touch and they come in six sizes and nine colors so you can match them to your home decor. Parachute’s linen sheets not only had our tester feel like she was sleeping on a cloud, but she also loved the fact that you can order sheets a la carte instead of being locked into a complete set.

Peacock Alley

Peacock Alley is a company with a long tradition — over 40 years — of creating classic, quality products that aim to add luxury to your everyday life. And though its linens are pricier than others on this list, they’re definitely worth the cost.

We tested two of the brand’s bestselling options: the Lyric Percale Sheet Set (starting at $740; peacockalley.com) and the Soprano Sateen Sheet Set (starting at $405; peacockalley.com). If you’re wondering about the main differences between percale and sateen, Peacock Alley breaks it down simply: Percale is lighter and more breathable, while sateen is the thicker, smoother and more snuggly option. While that’s the most simple way to position these options, they’re anything but basic.

Both sheet sets include one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillow cases, though you also have the option of purchasing the sheets on their own. Our tester loved how breathable and crisp, yet super soft, the Lyric Percale Sheets were during the past couple of warmer months. They’re made from a 100% extra long-staple cotton, imported from Italy, and feature a 500-thread count. The sheets are softer after each wash, which is a huge bonus in knowing your investment in such high-quality bedding is going a long way.

As its been getting cooler, our tester has been able to compare the percale sheets to the Soprano Sateen Sheet, which have become “almost synonymous” with the Peacock Alley brand. Made from 100% extra long-staple cotton that’s imported from Portugal, the sateen sheets are heavier than the percale option. Our tester noted how buttery, silky and luxurious these felt, and mentioned that they’re the type of sheets that make it tough to get out of bed.

And though there’s no arguing that Peacock Alley’s linens are definitely luxurious, we’ll be hard pressed to believe you won’t fall in love with your investment.

Crane & Canopy

Crane & Canopy has been making bedding since 2012 that not only feels luxe, but also saves you time. Swapping out duvet covers is a notoriously annoying process, but the company’s signature Nova duvet cover (starting at $40; craneandcanopy.com) simplifies things by placing a hidden zipper in the middle of the cover in lieu of the standard bottom button closure. The Nova duvet’s color blocking and strategically placed piping mimic the look of a perfectly folded flat sheet

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