The Handoff: What It Means To Be Happy, And How We Take Care Of Our Mental Health

The Handoff: What It Means To Be Happy, And How We Take Care Of Our Mental Health

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The love viewers witness between CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo in the handoff between their shows each night is real. Now they’re stepping out from behind the anchor desk for a weekly conversation where nothing is off limits. With no broadcast clock to hold them back, Chris and Don talk politics and get personal.All Pain is Personal

To kick off season two, Chris asks a loaded question: are you happy? Don and Chris discuss managing anxiety, depression, and physical pain over the last few years. They also share personal reflections as we approach the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. 

We Made Ourselves Sick

Chris and Don discuss coexisting with the coronavirus in the long term. From booster shots to conserving water in Florida, the Delta variant is necessitating extra precautions. Will it be like this forever?

I Love You More Than Pecan Pie

Don and Chris talk about what’s next for Afghanistan and then turn to the home front for the latest on the battle against Covid. Don also catches Chris up on his latest TV obsession: “White Lotus”.

Airing America’s Dirty Laundry

Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone — this episode’s special guest — is still recovering from January 6th, and not just physically. That day changed everything from his mental health to his political views. He and Don discuss the past 8 months, from the TV classics he’s been watching to what his future might hold.

A Failing Grade for the Bully Pulpit

President Biden has called voting rights “the single most important” issue in the country. But Don and Chris say he’s not doing enough to protect them. They also disc

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The Handoff: What it means to be happy, and how we take care of our mental health

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