Discover Innovative Products At Amazon Launchpad

Discover Innovative Products At Amazon Launchpad

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Amazon has just about anything you could possibly want or need — but sometimes, that’s the problem. How do you pinpoint the life-changing items when you’re met with thousands of search results? How do you find products from noteworthy small businesses when there are millions of sellers in Amazon’s online store? Luckily, there’s one storefront that highlights innovative products and small companies simultaneously, and it’s called Amazon Launchpad.

Amazon Launchpad’s mission is to draw attention to big innovation while supporting small brands, startups and entrepreneurs. In other words, it features some of the absolute coolest products with the most inspiring backstories. Think: food storage bags you can use over and over again; tiny, transparent patches that help heal a blemish overnight; foldable reading glasses that fit in your wallet; toys that help teach your 8-year-old kid how to program robots; and a $10 tool that sucks the irritants straight out of a bug bite, no chemicals required. Y’know, the kind of things that you’ll actually love, and therefore use on a regular basis.

Amazon Launchpad is full of popular products loved by thousands of customers. Take OLLY Sleep Gummies for example, which use melatonin and calming herbs to help you drift off to sleep, and have earned themselves over 30,000 reviews. Or the iOttie car phone mount, which allows you to secure or remove almost any phone to your dashboard using

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Discover innovative products at Amazon Launchpad

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