EU And US Are ‘deeply Worried About Afghan Women’

EU And US Are ‘deeply Worried About Afghan Women’

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4 hr 4 min agoEU and US are “deeply worried about Afghan women and girls”From CNN’s Sharon Braithwaite

The European Union, the United States and other nations said Wednesday in a joint statement they are “deeply worried about Afghan women and girls, their rights to education, work and freedom of movement.”

“We call on those in positions of power and authority across Afghanistan to guarantee their protection,” Albania, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, European Union, Honduras, Guatemala, North Macedonia, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Senegal, Switzerland and the United States of America said in the joint statement.”Afghan women and girls, as all Afghan people, deserve to live in safety, security and dignity. Any form of discrimination and abuse should be prevented. We in the international community stand ready to assist them with humanitarian aid and support, to ensure that their voices can be heard.”

“We will monitor closely how any future government ensures rights and freedoms that have become an integral part of the life of women and girls in Afghanistan during the last twenty years,” the statement added.

2 hr 33 min agoA man with a green card says the Taliban did not let him inside the airport to fly out of AfghanistanAfghans gather near the Kabul airport on August 18.  Aykut Karadag/Anadolu Agency/Getty ImagesAs chaos continues outside the Kabul airport, the Taliban is in charge of crowd control. They are trying to disperse the crowds, sometimes by firing gunshots in the air, CNN’s Clarissa Ward reports.

The crowd has moved further away from the airport. Still, hundreds of people are trying to get inside.

A man standing in the crowd showed CNN his green card and said he was denied entry by the Taliban.

“I already filled out the application for the US Embassy, and this is the emails that I got from the US Embassy,” he said. “The Taliban said, ‘we don’t know. Just go. We don’t want to try to let you in.’ And they say, ‘we don’t have flights.’ But they do have flights,” he told Ward.Another man in the crowd claimed he had all the paperwork and yet could not go inside.

“The Taliban [don’t] let you go in,” he told Ward, adding that he was told to stay in the city, and the Americans told him he would need an American passport or a green card.

“They tell us ‘you have to bring an HR letter for 2021.’ That’s impossible,” he said.

His message to America: “We help the American people, so that’s their jobs to help us now here. There’s a very bad situation [here.]”

4 hr 17 min agoGunshots ring near Kabul airport as the Taliban tries to disperse crowdsGunshots rang as the Taliban tried to disperse big crowds outside the Kabul airport, trying to get in and flee Afghanistan, CNN’s Clarissa Ward reports.

“It’s bumper to bumper, cars are barely moving. There are Taliban fighters all around. We actually did see them physically trying to get people back. We have seen them and heard them a lot as well firing on the crowds to disperse the crowds,” Ward reported after she drove by the airport and stood about 200 yards from its entrance. From what can be seen, the Taliban are not trying to fire these shots at people.

“They’re not targeting people. They’re not trying to kill people. But of course the minute you’re firing willy-nilly when you have a bunch of civilians all over the road and civilian vehicles, people get hurt,” Ward said.

The CNN journalist said outside of the airport’s entrance, a pretty large crowd was still waiting to get in.

“So all along the road side over there, there’s just hundreds of people who are basically waiting, desperately trying to get out of the country. It’s not clear if they have their paperwork in order, if they’ve been declined and told that they can’t enter the gates, or if they simply don’t have the wherewithal to get inside,” Ward reported, noting that the situation is “definitely chaotic. It’s definitely dangerous.”   

2 hr 46 min agoDutch evacuation plane forced to leave Kabul without any passengersFrom CNN’s Amy Cassidy

A military aircraft sent to Kabul from The Netherlands to evacuate Dutch citizens was forced to take off without any passengers on board amid chaotic scenes at the airport on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag said.

“There was too little time,” she told Dutch news agency ANP on Tuesday. 

“There were many people at the gates of the airport, with their children and with their families. It’s awful. We are back in contact with the Dutch citizens there. In this case, we are only talking about Dutch evacuees and hopefully, the situation will be better tomorrow. We, and other European countries, are focused on getting clarity on how the process in and around the airport is managed,” the minister said. The plane had been on the ground for half an hour before it took off without any passengers, she said. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday there are Dutch citizens on board other evacuation flights that have departed from Kabul, in a statement to CNN. 

It continued: “The Netherlands and its allies are working hard to organize additional evacuation flights. New information will be provided as soon as the ministry is able to confirm the contents of it.”

The initial plane sent by the Netherlands on Monday to evacuate people from Afghanistan was unable to land in Kabul and had to turn around due to dangerous scenes which unfolded at Hamid Karzai International Airport, the Ministry said. 

3 hr 37 min agoIn photos: Solidarity protests for Afghans pop up around the worldA group of former interpreters for the British and allied forces in Afghanistan protest at Parliament Square in London, on Wednesday, August 18. Dan Kitwood/Getty ImagesDemonstrations to show support for Afghan civilians following the Taliban takeover have emerged in numerous cities a

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