The New Nest Doorbell Is Here — And It Could Be A Serious Ring Rival

The New Nest Doorbell Is Here — And It Could Be A Serious Ring Rival

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It’s time to say goodbye to the Nest Hello and hello to the Nest Doorbell. Yes, there’s finally a new Nest Doorbell and it aims to fix the main frustrations we had with its predecessor. The Google Nest Doorbell — which is up for preorder now for $179.99 — includes smart notifications for no extra charge and can be powered from the internal battery or wired into power. And it’s joining the new Nest Cam and Nest Cam with floodlight, along with a wired Nest Cam.

This refreshed Doorbell aims to deliver smarter notifications and offer a wide field of view to see everything at your door to stand out from the increasingly crowded video doorbell space. Ring’s already released a multitude of doorbells since the start of 2021. And on paper, Nest has a pretty compelling package to compete with them.

The Nest Doorbell is up for preorder now at $179.99 in your choice of Snow, Ivy, Linen and Ash. It will start shipping on Aug. 24 and officially goes on sale that day. You also won’t need to worry about choosing between a wired or wireless model — the Nest Doorbell features a built-in battery and supports voltage wiring. This way, it can be used in a wired or wireless setup directly out of the box.

Google will be offering a few accessories like wedges to have the Doorbell tilt or look a specific way for $14.99, plates for $9.99 and an AC adapter for $24.99.


The Nest Doorbell looks like an enhanced version of the Nest Hello — it keeps a long oval design, which places the lens at the top and a large ringer button on the bottom. It measures 6.3 inches tall and 1.8 inches across. It’s about the average size for a doorbell, and if anything, it’s less wide than some options from competitors. Google is opting for a plastic build here, and it’s using recycled plastic throughout. You’ll also get four color options: Snow, Ivy, Linen and Ash. It features an IP54 rating against water, so it likely won’t break over a little rainstorm.

And while Hello is no longer in the name, the Nest Doorbell will illuminate an LED ring around the button when it notices someone approaching. It’s a nice touch and fits in line with Nest’s designs from the past. The camera up top is capable of delivering HDR video at 960 x 1280 pixels. Specifically, it’s an HD view with 6x digital zoom and 145-degree field of view. This equals out to a 3-to-4 ratio, which should present your front steps, hallway or yard in all its glory.

Most importantly, you should be able to capture if a package is left directly in front of the door to a tall delivery person. Night Vision is included here through infrared LEDs, and Google says it should see up to 10 feet. We’re eager to put this to the test closer to launch.

And as you’d expect from a Nest Doorbell, it will connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and works with the Google Home app for Android or iOS.

There’s only one model of the Doorbell and it includes a battery inside by default, but it also supports wired doorbell power through a wire. It’s a two-in-one solution with just one model. The extra trick here is that the internal battery will still get charged, and in the event of a power outage, it will still record and capture events for a limited amount of time.

Nest is describing three battery life estimates for different scenarios. For a busy doorbell that delivers between 25 and 30 events per day, you can expect about a month of battery life. One that delivers 13 to 16 events is closer to two and a half months, while a Doorbell with just two to five events per day is closer to six months. Mileage will vary here and is very dependent on your location.

When it comes time to charge the Nest Doorbell, you’ll need to do so with a USB-C cable. Unlike Ring wired doorbells, Nest isn’t using a user-removable battery pack. The company had to go this route with the battery to keep the design slim and allow for both wired and wireless uses.

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The new Nest Doorbell is here — and it could be a serious Ring rival

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