Enjoy Live Events Again With Vivid Seats

Enjoy Live Events Again With Vivid Seats

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There are the kinds of things only true fans know, like the name of the roadie who’ll give you a backstage pass to your favorite band, or when to be worried when a certain groundskeeper has called in sick the day of a big game. And the one thing fans know best — especially now that events are back since the pandemic — is that you can rely on Vivid Seats to guarantee you’ll get the best seat in the house for your favorite events.

Because Vivid Seats knows fandom isn’t just about who wins or loses or how many encores someone comes back out for — it’s about making lifelong memories with your friends and family in a place and time that’s all about celebrating being a member of a community of people who love life as much as you do. And now that we’re living in a post-pandemic world, that means it’s more important than ever for event goers to know that they’re covered if something happens and the event they’ve been anticipating falls through.

Why trust Vivid Seats? Well, it’s not just a ticketing marketplace — it’s a company of fans, just like you. It’s all about making sure everyone can feel the energy of shared experiences — without the downsides of overbookings, event cancellations without refunds or makeup dates and the rest of it. Since 2001, it has been dedicated — obsessed, even — with bringing great live events to as many people as possible in ways that are fun and easy. You could even say that Vivid Seats is a fan of fandom.

That means that Vivid Seats gives real rewards to real fans. When you buy through Vivid Seats

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Enjoy live events again with Vivid Seats

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