The Gymnastics Superstar Withdrew From The Individual All-Around Competition At The Tokyo Olympics To Prioritize Her Well-Being, USA Gymnastics Says

The Gymnastics Superstar Withdrew From The Individual All-Around Competition At The Tokyo Olympics To Prioritize Her Well-Being, USA Gymnastics Says

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1 hr 59 min agoBreaking: Simone Biles drops out of individual all-around competitionAmerican gymnast Simone Biles waits to perform on the vault on July 27. (Gregory Bull/AP)US gymnastics superstar Simone Biles has withdrawn from the individual all-around competition to prioritize her well-being, USA Gymnastics said.

The organization said it “wholeheartedly supports her decision.”

Biles, one of the greatest gymnasts of all time, was a favorite to take home gold in the all-around. She still may have the opportunity to compete in other individual events, but said Tuesday evening that she was going to take the rest of the Olympics “one day at a time.”

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2 hr 46 min ago”We didn’t just get silver. We WON silver,” says US women’s gymnastics teamFrom CNN’s Jill Martin

US women gymnasts Jordan Chiles, Grace McCallum and Sunisa Lee dedicated their silver medal to Simone Biles, they told NBC.

“I feel like people forget that she’s human,” Lee said. “Anything can happen. We don’t owe anybody anything. We don’t owe you a gold medal. You’re not the one competing. We’re the ones that had to go through all of this. If anything, we owed it to ourselves, and I think that’s what we did.”The team admitted they panicked initially when Biles withdrew from the team competition. But then, Chiles stepped up to compete on the uneven bars and balance beam.

“We still got a medal for the United States of America,” Chiles said. “In our minds, this silver medal is a gold medal. We didn’t just get silver. We won silver.”

Biles took to Instagram to celebrate Chiles, who is also her best friend.

3 hr 7 min agoKerri Strug battled through injury to win Olympic gold. She’s sent her love to Simone BilesFormer US gymnast Kerri Strug offered her support for Simone Biles following the US gymnast’s decision to withdraw from the women’s team finals event.

Strug famously helped win gold for Team USA at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta by performing a vault despite having an injured ankle. She was later carried to the podium by her coach.

Strug posted on Twitter that she was sending her love to Biles:

The two-time Olympian added a goat emoji to her tweet, referring to the fact that Biles is known as the greatest of all time, colloquially abbreviated as GOAT.

3 hr 21 min agoAriarne Titmus says she’s “been in her own world” at the GamesFrom CNN’s George Ramsay at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre

Australian swimmer Ariarne Titmus, who has won two gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics, said she is managing the pressure of the Games by narrowing her focus, avoiding social media and limiting the things she has to worry about.

When asked by the media about Simone Biles’ decision to open up about how her mental health and pressure has affected her athletic performance, Titmus said that she doesn’t know much about Biles. She did, however, say that she decided to delete all social media apps from her phone and has not been speaking that much to her family. She’s just focusing on racing.

“Honestly, I’ve kind of been in my own little world,” she said. “I’m just honestly really focusing on myself and what I have to do here.”

Her record win: Titmus won her second gold Wednesday with an Olympic-record in the women’s 200m freestyle. She was visibly emotional following the medal ceremony, tearfully embracing Australia’s swimming coach Dean Boxall after stepping off the podium.

“This is a great partnership. This is not just me winning. This is him winning as well. So I think that’s why I got so emotional,” she said.

Ariarne Titmus of Team Australia reacts with her coach Dean Boxall after winning the gold medal in the 200m freestyle final on July 28. (Clive Rose/Getty Images)3 hr 31 min agoThe Olympic Cauldron is on public display, giving people a chance to experience the Games amid the pandemicFrom CNN’s Amanda Sealy and Scott Reeves in Tokyo

The Olympic flame is seen burning on the cauldron at Ariake Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge in Tokyo on July 25. (Philip Fong/AFP/Getty Images)While only a select few people had the privilege of attending the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony, the public can now see the Olympic Cauldron in person after it was put on display in Ariake Park.

Residents of Japan’s capital — and their and dogs — have gathered to catch a glimpse of the flame because, with Tokyo under a state of emergency due to Covid-19, it’s one of the few ways they can experience these pandemic-era Olympics.

What most may not appreciate, however, is the thought behind the cauldron’s design.

The Japanese design house that built the cauldron, nendo, went through 85 drafts before landing on a final look.

To make the cauldron, nendo needed machines capable of applying a pressure of 3,500 tons as they had to mold thick aluminum plating into curved shapes. The final product weighs 2.7 metric tons.

The flame itself pays respect to the Fukushima nuclear disaster set off by the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011. The hydrogen that fuels the flame was produced in Fukushima prefecture. But because hydrogen has no color when it burns, designers added sodium carbonate to give the flame its vibrant gold hue.

3 hr 52 min agoCould Ariarne’s Titmuss dominance signal a changing of the guard? From CNN’s Coy Wire at the Tokyo Aquatics Center

Ariarne Titmus of Team Australia competes in the 200m freestyle final on July 28. (Clive Rose/Getty Images)Australia’s Ariarne Titmus has now won gold twice at the Tokyo Games, and both times, she beat out the defending Olympic champion in the event: American swimming legend Katie Ledecky.

Two days after taking gold in the women’s 400m freestyle, Titmus on Wednesday won the women’s 200m freestyle, finishing with an Olympic record time of 1:53.50.

Ledecky finished fifth. It was the first time the American had failed to make the podium in an individual Olympic event.

Ledecky is regarded as the most dominant female swimmer ever. She won gold in the 200m, 400m and 800m freestyle events at the 2016 Rio Games. Before that, she took gold in the 800m freestyle at London 2012. Ledecky won silver in the 400m freestyle on Monday at the Tokyo Games.

She’s also considered one of swimming’s most versatile competitors. Though her best events are distance, her range, if compared to sprinting, would be like Usain Bolt running in the 200m, 400m, and 1500m events.

Dominant display: If Ledecky’s disappointing finish in the 200m freestyle fueled talk of her demise, her commanding performance just minutes later may force the doubters to think twice.

Ledecky crushed the field in the first-ever women’s 1500m freestyle event, finishing more than four seconds ahead of fellow American Erica Sullivan to take gold. That’s all t

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The gymnastics superstar withdrew from the individual all-around competition at the Tokyo Olympics to prioritize her well-being, USA Gymnastics says

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