Finding The PS5 Is A Nightmare — Here’s How To Actually Have A Chance

Finding The PS5 Is A Nightmare — Here’s How To Actually Have A Chance

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Still desperately refreshing your web browser in hopes of snagging a PlayStation 5? You’re not alone. Sony’s highly coveted next-gen console is still extremely hard to find even months after launch, and usually sells out before you can even click “add to cart” whenever a big restock occurs.

While trying to land a PS5 can feel a lot like playing the lottery, there are some tricks you can take advantage of to give yourself the best shot at securing Sony’s console for yourself. Here are the big stores to watch for PS5 restocks as well as expert advice for navigating the often messy PS5 shopping experience and eventually bringing one home.

Most major retailers offer the $499 PS5 and $399 PS5 Digital Edition, though it tends to come back in stock at fairly random times, and only at a handful of stores at once. We’ve assembled a handy list of the biggest retailers we’ve seen PS5 restocks occur at, which you can find below.

Latest update: As of today (August 25), major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and GameStop have had brief PS5 restocks, and are all worth checking regularly. Walmart will also restock the PS5 at 9 p.m. ET today. We’ll occasionally mark which retailers have the PS5 in stock at the time of writing, but units will sell out fast, and availability is subject to change.

“Best Buy has been the most reliable with PS5 restock in recent weeks. They’ve gone three for three in offering the console on Fridays, whereas Walmart has done larger drops every two to three weeks,” says Matt Swider, a managing editor for TechRadar who has been closely tracking PS5 availability and providing rapid updates to his more than 140,000 followers on Twitter. Swider also notes that GameStop has had decent PS5 availability as of late, largely because the retailer sells the console via expensive bundles that don’t sell out as fast.

While history can tell us which retailers have been most consistent when it comes to offering the PS5, figuring out when they’ll actually get consoles in stock has proven much trickier.

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“Restocks can [happen] at pretty much any time – and that makes tracking these PS5 drops a sleepless 24/7 operation for me,” says Swider. “Target does early morning restocks before their East Coast stores open, while Amazon has done surprise 3 a.m. EST restocks before.”

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While the PS5 usually sells out within minutes of coming back in stock, there are a few things you can do to give yourself the best chance of receiving that majestic confirmation email. Here are some tips for those still on the hunt — note that this advice also applies for those seeking out the equally elusive Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Set up retailer accounts and stay logged in

By the time you’re entering your credit card information at checkout, that last PS5 in stock is probably going out the door. As such, we recommend setting up accounts with every major retailer in order to save precious seconds during the checkout process. Once you have a user account on sites such as Amazon, Best Buy and Target complete with your payment and contact information already set up, you’ll have far fewer clicks to make once it’s restock time.

Avoid sketchy websites and resellers

When you’re hunting down a PS5, make sure you’re going with a reputable retailer such as the ones we’ve outlined above. According to Swider, sites including TechInn and CheapGameCenter appear to be selling the PS5 but are “either fraud operations or are not fulfilling orders.” You should also avoid buying the console on resale websites such as eBay and StockX, where scalpers are attempting to sell the PS5 for anywhere from $700 to $1,400.

Follow PS5 restock trackers and set up Twitter notifications

In our months of PS5 tracking, we’ve found Twitter to be the most reliable and immediate source of PS5 restock info. That’s because folks such as Swider and popular gaming account Wario64 track PS5 restocks daily, and will post links to stores currently selling the console the second it comes back in stock. We recommend signing up for Twitter notifications when following these accounts (just hit the little bell icon on their profile) so you’ll be alerted the second consoles become available.

Take advantage of Amazon Wish List

One unique trick that’s been circulating around the web involves adding the PS5 to your Amazon Wish List and then moving it directly to your shopping cart once restocks occur. Several users have reported having success with this method when the main retail page isn’t working, and the folks at Tom’s Guide were able to successfully replicate this hack multiple times with the Xbox Series X. To add the PS5 to your Wish List, simply click the “Add to List” icon on the upper right side of its Amazon listing.

Don’t get discouraged

Online retail websites can get extremely chaotic whenever the PS5 comes back in stock, so don’t lose hope if the console doesn’t immediately appear to be available. Keep refreshing that page once a major restock occurs — you may just get lucky after a few attempts.


Some retailers, including GameStop, Newegg and Antonline, tend to sell the PS5 as part of an expensive bundle once they have the console in stock. PS5 bundle prices can be eye-watering at first glance — such as this $779 Newegg bundle with three games and an extra controller — but they also sell out much more slowly than the console itself.

With that in mind, it’s worth considering a bundle if it includes stuff you were going to buy for your PS5 anyway. Just make sure

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Finding the PS5 is a nightmare — here’s how to actually have a chance

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