Why The Logitech C920 Is Still The Best Webcam You Can Buy

Why The Logitech C920 Is Still The Best Webcam You Can Buy

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As someone who reviews tech gadgets for a living and streams on Twitch on the side, my PC setup has been inundated with roughly a dozen different webcams over the last few years. And after rigorously testing everything from no-frills budget cameras to high-end shooters made for serious YouTubers, I’ve yet to find one that offers better quality for the money than the universally beloved $69 Logitech C920. It really is that good.

Despite some strong competition, the C920 has remained our overall best webcam pick thanks to its ability to capture true-to-life video and offer a nifty companion app, all for a relatively low price. After using various versions of Logitech’s camera during countless video meetings, YouTube recordings and Twitch streams — and testing out every notable competitor — I’m convinced that it’s still the webcam that most people should buy.

The Logitech C920 emerged at the top of our rankings after weeks of in-depth webcam testing (which consisted of me taking lots of pictures and videos of myself) by producing the best-looking shots of any camera in its price range.

When sitting in front of natural light, Logitech’s camera captured sharp 1080p photos and videos that made my skin tone look natural while making fine details (such as the strands of my beard and the text on my hoodie) easy to pick out. The C920 got a bit blurry once I closed the blinds to test low-light performance, but it still produced shots that were brighter and sharper than most of its rivals under those dim conditions. Its 30 frame-per-second video capture is largely smooth and consistent, though there were a few occasions when the C920’s auto-focusing lens would refocus frequently, creating somewhat jumpy-looking shots.

Compare the Logitech C920’s shots to similarly priced webcams, and the difference in quality is pretty significant. While Microsoft’s Lifecam Studio camera excels in low light, the photos it took under natural lighting were strikingly dark compared to the C920. Meanwhile, the more expensive $99 Razer Kiyo created shots that were far more saturated than Logitech’s, and it didn’t look great under low light — even when its built-in ring light was activated. The C920 can also capture a good amount of my room thanks to its generous 78-degree viewing angle, which is about in the middle of the pack amongst every model I tested.

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The Logitech C920’s great image quality is complemented by a simple, well-built design and a handy set of features. It’s easy to see why this camera is a staple in home offices, stream setups and conference rooms alike — it’s black plastic design looks sleek and feels sturdy, and I never had an issue clipping it to various monitors and laptop screens. You can also attach it to just about any tripod using the universal tripod mount at the bottom, which is something I’ve taken advantage of often while streaming on Twitch.

If you’re the type to tinker or just want a fun way to mess around with the C920, Logitech’s Capture software offers a solid amount of options for tweaking how you look on-screen. You can adjust parameters like brightness, contrast and saturation, toggle things like autofocus and white balance and zoom in for a more cropped shot. You can also add text and filters to your images, and take photos and videos right from the app if you want to record something quick for YouTube or Facebook. Capture isn’t quite as robust as the Elgato Facecam’s excellent Camera Hub app, but it gives you plenty of basic options for customizing your shots.

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Why the Logitech C920 is still the best webcam you can buy

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