Dem Candidate Harley Rouda Calls GOP Voters ‘morons’ For Supporting Trump

Dem Candidate Harley Rouda Calls GOP Voters ‘morons’ For Supporting Trump

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Former Rep. Harley Rouda, D-Calif., singled out supporters of former President Trump by calling them “morons” during a campaign event last week.

Rouda, who is challenging Republican Rep. Michelle Steel for his old House seat, made the comment during a town hall hosted by the Laguna Beach Democratic Club.

“The fact that 6 million more morons voted for this man is mind-boggling to me,” Rouda said, reflecting on why he believes he lost his House seat in 2020. “Thank goodness about 11 more million Americans voted for Joe Biden.”

“There were a lot of low-propensity, uninformed voters who came out and voted for Trump and the down the ticket. That impacted me,” he continued. “When you look at this district, it was 89% turnout. So 89% of the registered voters voted.”

Rouda said Democrats have to do a “better job” at making sure they are “informed voters.”

During the town hall, Rouda expressed optimism that he can win back the House seat because Trump won’t be at the top of the ticket and claimed “Trumpicans” likely won’t flock to the polls. However, he did acknowledge it would be a “t

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Dem candidate Harley Rouda calls GOP voters ‘morons’ for supporting Trump

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