California Judge Denies Newsom’s Request To Be Listed As Democrat On Recall Ballot

California Judge Denies Newsom’s Request To Be Listed As Democrat On Recall Ballot

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(CNN)A California judge on Monday denied Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s request to have his party affiliation listed on the state’s upcoming recall election ballot.

Newsom had sued his own secretary of state last month to be listed as a Democrat on the ballot following what he called a filing “mistake” by his election attorney last year. The California Democrat was supposed to mark his party affiliation in February 2020 pursuant to the state’s recall election law, but “due to an inadvertent but good faith mistake on the part of his election attorney, Newsom timely filed his answer but did not include his party-preference election,” the lawsuit said.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge James Arguelles wrote in his ruling Monday that the “circumstances do not justify excuse from the deadline.”

    It is clear, he wrote, “from both the text and the legislative history that SB 151 does not consider information about an elected officer’s party affiliation so vital to voters that it must be included on the ballot.”

      The ruling brings a new wrinkle to Newsom’s efforts to stay in office as he faces the second election in state history to recall a sitting governor. State officials confirmed last month that a recall election would proceed after just

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      California judge denies Newsom’s request to be listed as Democrat on recall ballot

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