CPAC Attendees Weigh In: What Should Parents Do About CRT In Schools?

CPAC Attendees Weigh In: What Should Parents Do About CRT In Schools?

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DALLAS – Critical race theory and how students, parents and public officials should handle it is a major topic across the country, from local school board meetings to governors’ mansions. 

It was a major topic at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas as well, with two separate panels addressing the topic, including a major one scheduled for Sunday morning. The discussion, titled “Head of the Class: Why is the Left Committed to CRT When So Many Parents Disagree?” will feature high-profile speakers including Club for Growth’s David McIntosh and activist Ian Prior. 

Many CPAC attendees weighed in on the topic during interviews with Fox News as well, giving their thoughts on how students, parents and public officials should handle the controversial doctrine in the classroom. 

“They should pay attention to their children and what they say when they come home from school,” Kathleen Caso, the president of the Lost Pines Republican Women, told Fox News. “Don’t criticize, listen. If there’s thing that go against what they’ve been teaching their children, then they need to go to a school board meeting.”

Kate Bush, an aunt and great aunt from Houston, told Fox News that parents should read their kids’ school books so they understand what they are learning in the classroom. (Tyler Olson/Fox News)


Caso said her group runs a “community committee” that sends volunteers to school board meetings, who then report back what they learn.

“It’s simple. if you care enough about your community and your children, you have to be active. You cannot sit back anymore,” Caso added. 

“We all need to read the books that our kids are being forced to read so that we can have an honest conversation with them,” Kate Bush from Houston said. 

She added that she’s not sure passing laws banning CRT will be particularly effective, and that close involvement is p

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CPAC attendees weigh in: What should parents do about CRT in schools?

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