NJ House Candidate, Air Force Vet, Shoots Down BLM Utah Calling US Flag ‘symbol Of Hate’

NJ House Candidate, Air Force Vet, Shoots Down BLM Utah Calling US Flag ‘symbol Of Hate’

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A New Jersey congressional hopeful and Air Force veteran launched a counterattack this week after Utah’s Black Lives Matter chapter declared the U.S. flag a “symbol of hatred” for Black Americans in a Fourth of July Facebook post.

“The fact of the matter is that Black people are Americans, and Black history is American history,” Republican House candidate Billy Prempeh told Fox News Friday. “And the flag is absolutely a part of our history. The good, the bad, the ugly, all of it. And that’s what makes America great, because despite all of that, we continue to move forward.”

BLM Utah founder Lex Scott told Fox News earlier this week that the post was meant to highlight how her criticism of the flag would draw sharp criticism while the embrace of Old Glory by hate groups including the Ku Klux Klan does not.

New Jersey Republican congressional candidate Billy Prempeh says Americans bickering over the American flag is something “our enemies would like to see.” (AMW PR)

Prempeh sees it differently.

“Statements like that, saying that the flag is divisive, and that it’s carried by KKK members, it’s not necessarily true,” he said. “It’s a giant gaslighting statement to make to try and put all Americans, all the people that are pro-America, into a box stating that that’s a hateful symbol.”


The flag is the opposite, he said.

“I see the flag as a unifying symbol, a symbol that has changed over time,” Prempeh said. “And we haven’t always had the same American flag…And I believe that symbolizes all the things that have

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NJ House candidate, Air Force vet, shoots down BLM Utah calling US flag ‘symbol of hate’

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