Georgia Gov. Kemp Targets Stacey Abrams, MLB In New Ad Campaign

Georgia Gov. Kemp Targets Stacey Abrams, MLB In New Ad Campaign

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Exclusive: As the first pitch in the relocated MLB All-Star Game approaches, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is targeting Stacey Abrams and other prominent Democrats in a new ad campaign and reiterating his pledge to fight legal challenges to the state’s controversial election law.

Set to debut Friday and air during the All-Star Game, the 30-second ad features Kemp outside the Atlanta Braves’ home stadium, Truist Park, the site once selected to host this year’s event. The Republican governor asserts Abrams and other members of what he describes in the ad as a “liberal mob” disregarded the economic losses of local small business in favor of partisan political goals.

“We’re going to keep fighting,” Kemp said in an interview with Fox News. “The Elections Integrity Act is a good piece of legislation that makes it easy to vote and hard to cheat. In my opinion, Stacey Abrams, all these activists, a lot of these corporate ‘woke’ cancel culture people, including Major League Baseball, overplayed their hand here and we’re going to push back.”

Abrams and President Biden are among the most prominent critics of the law, with the latter describing it as a case of “Jim Crow in the 21st Century.” In June, Biden’s Justice Department sued Georgia over the Elections Integrity Act, arguing the law was discriminatory and in violation of federal elections statutes. 


Kemp said the Biden administration’s lawsuit constituted a federal effort to influence election laws debated and passed by a state legislature. 

A sweeping Democrat-backed voting overhaul, dubbed the “For The People Act” and presented as a check against discriminatory voting restrictions, stalled in the Senate last month after opposition from GOP

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Georgia Gov. Kemp targets Stacey Abrams, MLB in new ad campaign

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