Fact Check: Trump’s Nonsensical Op-Ed On His Lawsuit Against Social Media Companies

Fact Check: Trump’s Nonsensical Op-Ed On His Lawsuit Against Social Media Companies

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Washington (CNN)He keeps saying it. It’s still wrong.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Thursday about his new lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, former President Donald Trump argued that it is “unconstitutional” for social media companies to prevent specific people from posting or to block specific kinds of statements.

The op-ed — which was published under Trump’s name but was written in far more legalistic and restrained language than Trump usually uses — contends that “Big Tech companies are being used to impose illegal and unconstitutional government censorship.” It declares that “the tech companies are doing the government’s bidding, colluding to censor unapproved ideas” and that, “in effect, Big Tech has been illegally deputized as the censorship arm of the U.S. government.”

    The op-ed argues that social media companies took “guidance” from governmental entities like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and engaged in “coordination” with these entities, about what constituted Covid-19 misinformation that should be censored. Thus, the op-ed suggests, the social media companies qualify as state actors that are subject to the requirements of the First Amendment.

      Facts First: US courts have consistently rejected the argument that social media companies are state actors that are subject to the First Amendment, which protects people from censorship by the government. Social media companies and other corporations are simply not required to let everyone use their services or to speak freely. And there is no evidence that the government has forced social media companies to make their decisions to bar specific users or prohibit specific kinds of speech.

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        Fact check: Trump’s nonsensical op-ed on his lawsuit against social media companies

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