Ring’s Video Doorbell 4 Is A Subtle But Welcome Upgrade

Ring’s Video Doorbell 4 Is A Subtle But Welcome Upgrade

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Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Ring has a new video doorbell. Lately, we’ve been testing the Ring Video Doorbell 4, the company’s newest doorbell aimed at helping you keep tabs on your front door.

The $199.99 Video Doorbell 4 sits near the high end of Ring’s lineup. It can be hardwired to replace your existing doorbell, or you can recharge the removable battery whenever it runs low. It’s available to order on Amazon, but be ready to wait for it to arrive. The retailer is currently quoting delivery dates four to six weeks away.

We’ve had the Ring Video Doorbell 4 installed and monitoring our home for the last few weeks, and it’s done a fine job keeping us updated. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what the Video Doorbell 4 has to offer.

Who this is for: The Ring Video Doorbell 4 is ideal for someone who wants added peace of mind and the security of knowing who is at their door, even when they aren’t home. Video doorbells are nothing new (thanks to Ring), but the features keep expanding to bring more functionality, such as the ability to see what happened before a motion alert was triggered.

What you need to know: The Video Doorbell 4 can replace your existing doorbell or work as a stand-alone doorbell. When someone presses the button, it’ll alert you on your phone and allow you to talk to whoever is at your door. You can also customize motion alerts, so you know when someone is approaching your residence.

How it compares: The Ring Video Doorbell 4 is the most expensive, but most feature-filled, battery-powered video doorbell in the company’s lineup. It offers only one feature over the Doorbell 3 — pre-roll video clips — that makes it worth the $20 premium. Comparing the Doorbell 4 with Arlo’s Wire-Free Video Doorbell, which is the same price as Doorbell 4, Arlo’s doorbell lacks some of the more refined features and offers a more compact design.

One of the aspects we love about the Video Doorbell 4 is its versatility. If you can’t make any modifications to your home, or your house lacks a wired doorbell, the Video Doorbell 4 is fine with that. It’ll work off the removable and rechargeable battery. Or you can install it using your existing doorbell wiring, assuming your transformer provides between 8 and 24 VAC. (If you have a newer home, you’re likely fine. If it’s an older home, you may need to hire an electrician if you’re not comfortable replacing your transformer.)

Either way, installation is a breeze. To hardwire it, you start by removing your old doorbell (after turning off the power to it, of course), and then connecting the Video Doorbell 4 to the two doorbell wires. You then mount the doorbell to the wall using the included screws — we recommend using an electric drill for that step. If you opt for battery power, you’ll want to remove the battery and charge the battery before installation.

There’s a micro USB port built into the battery. If you’re like us, you have multiple cables that fit this type of port around your home, but if not, Ring includes a cable in the box. A complete charge will take between six and eight hours, and you’ll know it’s done when only one of the indicator lights is on.

We opted to hardwire the doorbell, which is something we’ve done frequently and are comfortable with doing. The process took us around five minutes total.

With the doorbell powered on, we opened the Ring app, selected “add a new device,” scanned the QR code on the side of the doorbell and followed the prompts in the app. You’ll be asked to give it a name, adjust motion sensitivity, and edit where you want it to watch for, or ignore, motion.

The longest part of the installation for us was waiting for it to download and install a software update once it was connected to our home’s Wi-Fi network.

All told, we had the Ring Video Doorbell 4 installed, set up, updated and running in under 15 minutes. If you’re handy at all, we have confidence you’ll be able to install it — wired or wireless — wi

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Ring’s Video Doorbell 4 is a subtle but welcome upgrade

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