These Are Some Of The Key Players In The Trump Org Investigation

These Are Some Of The Key Players In The Trump Org Investigation

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1 hr 36 min agoThese are some of the key players in the Trump Org investigationFrom CNN’s Alyssa Kraus, Erica Orden and Kara Scannell

New York prosecutors charged the Trump Organization, Trump Payroll Corporation and its chief financial officer with 15 felony counts in connection with an alleged tax scheme stretching back to 2005.

Prosecutors in court said the counts include a scheme to defraud, conspiracy, criminal tax fraud, offering a false instrument for filing and falsifying business records.

Though former President Trump has faced multiple federal and state prosecutorial inquiries during his administration, the district attorney’s indictment is the first to charge his namesake company, the Trump Organization, for conduct that occurred when he led it.

Here are some of the key players in the case:

Allen Weisselberg: Weisselberg, the chief financial officer for the Trump Organization, surrendered to the district attorney’s office this morning before the indictments were unsealed. The indictment alleges Weisselberg evaded $1.76 million in taxes over the period beginning in 2005 and that he concealed for years that he was a resident of New York City, thereby avoiding paying city income taxes. Weisselberg pleaded not guilty Thursday afternoon, and was released on his own recognizance and told to turn in his passport. The indictment of Weisselberg would intensify the pressure for him to cooperate with prosecutors in their wide-ranging investigation of Trump, the company and its executives, an outcome prosecutors have been seeking for months but which his lawyers have told authorities he has rejected. Investigators’ scrutiny of Weisselberg began late last year, as prosecutors gathered evidence on him with the assistance of his former daughter-in-law. Weisselberg has worked for Trump since 1973. Allen Weisselberg, chief financial officer for the Trump Organization, in New York on May 31, 2016. Carlo Allegri/ReutersCyrus Vance Jr.: Vance Jr., the Manhattan district attorney, is leading the indictment of the Trump Organization, as it was his probe that questioned the accounting practices tied to hush-money payments made by former President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. Vance Jr.’s probe eventually led to a Supreme Court fight over a subpoena for Trump’s tax documents. Vance Jr. announced earlier this year that he would not be seeking reelection. The winner of the Manhattan DA Democratic primary is poised to take over the Trump investigation. Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. arrives at the New York State Supreme Court on July 1, 2021. John Minchillo/APLetitia James: New York State Attorney General Letitia James is working with Vance Jr. to investigate the Trump Organization. For the past two years, James’ office looked into matters – including whether or not the company improperly inflated assets on financial statements to secure loans and obtain economic and tax benefits – as well as how Trump Organization employees were compensated. In a statement released Thursday after the indictments were announced against the company, James said “this investigation will continue, and we will follow the facts and the law wherever they may lead.”   Barry Weisselberg: Allen Weisselberg’s son, Barry Weisselberg, received thousands of dollars in payments for cars, rent, tuition, medical bills and more, from his father, according to documents from his divorce with Jennifer Weisselberg in 2018. In addition, Barry Weisselberg worked for the Trump Organization for more than a decade and was involved in managing two skating rinks and a carousel in New York’s Central Park.Jennifer Weisselberg: The former daughter-in-law of Allen Weisselberg, Jennifer Weisselberg assisted prosecutors with gathering evidence after her divorce from Barry Weisselberg. She has turned over boxes of financial records and has met with investigators multiple times, her lawyer Duncan Levin told CNN. According to Jennifer Weisselberg, she and her ex-husband lived in apartments rent-free.Jennifer Weisselberg, the former daughter-in-law of Allen Weisselberg, on July 1, 2021. CNNMatthew Calamari and his son Matthew Calamari Jr.: Two individuals under scrutiny for receiving subsidized rent and company cars are Matthew Calamari, Trump’s one-time security guard and chief operating officer, and his son, Matthew Calamari Jr. However, the investigation into the two men is not as advanced as the investigation of Allen Weisselberg.Mary Mulligan: Mulligan is the attorney for chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg. She recently issued a statement saying her client “will fight these charges in court.”Read more about the investigation here.

1 hr 9 min agoTrump Organization says charges “all about politics” From CNN’s Kara Scannell

In a statement released Thursday afternoon, a spokesperson for the Trump Organization writes, “Make no mistake – this is not about the law; this is all about politics.”

The statement goes on to call the charges from the Manhattan District Attorney a “political vendetta.”

“The District Attorney will try to convince the public that these charges are of great significance. However, everyday New Yorkers and Americans know exactly what this is: an inappropriate use of a local prosecutor’s vast and unchecked power to target a political opponent,” the statement reads.New York prosecutors on Thursday charged the Trump Organization, Trump Payroll Corporation and Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg with 15 felony counts in connection with an alleged tax scheme stretching back to 2005.

8 min agoProsecutors say Trump Org gave Weisselberg approximately $1.76 million in untaxed compensationFrom CNN’s Erica Orden and Sonia Moghe

According to the indictment, the Trump Organization company paid for rent, utilities and garage expenses on a Riverside Boulevard apartment that chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg and his wife occupy.

The indictment says the company maintained internal spreadsheets tracking the amounts it paid for Weisselberg’s rent, utilities and garage expenses, and that it accordingly reduced the amount of direct compensation to account for the expenses i

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These are some of the key players in the Trump Org investigation

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