Federal Agency To Investigate Florida Building Collapse

Federal Agency To Investigate Florida Building Collapse

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The announcement of the full technical investigation from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a small agency within the Commerce Department, follows an initial assessment and marks just the fifth time the agency has launched an investigation into a structural collapse since given the power to do so after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“Based on the information that we have collected, we are able to recommend a full technical investigation under the National Construction Safety Team Act. We will now establish a team to begin the painstaking process of collecting and analyzing any and all information that might help us determine the technical cause of failure,” Judith Mitrani-Reiser, who is leading the institute team on site, said during an evening news conference, alongside state and local officials.

    Institute Director James Olthoff said Wednesday that the inquiry will be a fact-finding, not fault-finding, technical investigation and will not interfere with any search and rescue operations.

      The investigation’s ultimate goal will be to determine the technical cause of the collapse and, if indicated, to recommend changes to building codes, standards and practices or other appropriate actions to improve the structural safety of buildings. Multiple officials warn that a thorough investigation conducted by NIST could take years to complete.

        A senior administration official had previously told CNN the agency had reached the decision.

        The decision comes a day before President Joe Biden is set to arrive at the scene of the disaster. Seven days after the Florida condo collapse, rescuers say they are scrambling to find the more than 1

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        Federal agency to investigate Florida building collapse

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